Cruise: Rmulo reveals a message from Luxembourg and questions Kalil’s decision

(Photo: Bruno Haddad/Cruzeiro)

the all-rounder formula, who has been active in midfield and on the right wing, said that the coach Vanderlei Luxembourg s talks about the Serie A access of the Brazilian Championship with the players. The coach tries to motivate the group, but the task is grim. According to UFMG, the cruise have 2.3% chance of getting a spot in the Brazilian football elite in 2022.

“We know that the road is very long, we lost a lot of points during the rounds and we will have to give a gas to get access. He (Luxembourg) just talks about it and has passed this message on to all of us. Within the group and from the dressing room, there is nothing to talk about other than fighting with all your might to gain access,” he said.

Currently, Fox’s distance to fourth place is 9 points. Ava opens the G4 with 33 points. Vanderlei Luxemburgo’s team is in 14th place, with 24. The leader is Coritiba, with 39.

Rmulo praised Luxembourg’s arrival at the club. “Things started to fall into place, they took a while, but they’re falling into place. We know the club’s difficulties, we know the moment the club is going through, and we have to overcome each other every day, taking all the strength to make the easier things. With the arrival of Luxembourg, we don’t even need to comment, we just have to look at the numbers and see the improvement in every way,” he said.

“He has been fighting a lot for the players and employees so that the appointments are brought up to date to provide security for all employees. And it has worked out well, on the field he has had all the experience, he has very strong baggage, very expressive authority to pass on to all of us. Things are happening,” he added.

games without public

the game between Cruzeiro e Confiana (1 to 0), last Friday (20), provided scenes of agglomerations. The scheme made by the city for the return of Cruzeiro residents to the stadium did not prevent the formation of groups without masks at the entrance to the stadium and in front of the Bar do Peixe, around Mineiro. On Wednesday (18), the athletes formed a sea of ​​people without masks in Pampulha. With this in mind, the mayor of Belo Horizonte, Alexandre Kalil, disapproved of the test events and vetoed the fan’s return. Rmulo asked for explanations about this new positioning of the PBH.

“We don’t understand why we can’t play in Mineiro, since there are several public places with much more concentration of people than in a football stadium, with reduced capacity, with all protocols. I don’t see any problem. But let’s go. hope that our mayor has good sense so that he can hold a meeting with the teams to find a solution.”

“We would like clearer explanations regarding the closing of the stadiums, since things are open, working normally. And a show like this, if we obviously respect the safety and sanitary protocol, I don’t think there would be any problem and it would be a benefit to the population. Yes, we praised the fans, I particularly, because I know that with the fans we have, it will be something more. The strength they give us makes all the difference in this competition, which is very difficult. people are asking for these concepts to be revised so that the return to the public is definitive,” he added.

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