Cruzeiro records a loss of R$134 thousand on the departure of the public’s return

Borderô, which left five days late, registered 4,730 fans and gross income of R$ 234 thousand. As the expenses were high (R$ 368.5 thousand), the club came out in debt

Five days late, the bordero for the match between Cruzeiro x Confiança, last Friday (20), for Serie B, was made available by the club. The duel marked the return of the public to the team’s football games, in Mineirão, since the beginning of the pandemic, in March 2020.

The audience was 4,730 fans – a number higher than the 4,223 found by the Super.FC after departure. The document shows a gross income of R$ 234,165.00 but, due to the high expenses for opening all the sectors of the stadium, Cruzeiro ended up in loss.

The combined expenses reached R$368,526.99, which caused a loss of R$134,361.99. In comparison with Atlético’s game, which had more audience (17,030) and more expensive tickets, alvinegro ended up with a net profit of R$ 1,303,517.92 (gross revenue was R$ 2,685,042).

Despite a three-and-a-half smaller audience, the expense of the game of the Cruzeiro game was equivalent to half of the expense of Atlético’s game, which was R$ 720,000.

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