Diniz cites Athletico as an example and laments the departure of Santos players: “What made him sad the most” | saints

Santos has recently lost three holders: defender Luan Peres, defensive midfielder Alison and striker Kaio Jorge. In search of spare parts, Peixe went to the market, but “only” managed to register midfielder Augusto Galván and forward Diego Tardelli in the Copa do Brasil.

Coach Fernando Diniz does not hide his annoyance with the departure of players and even cites Athletico-PR, opponent of the quarterfinals of the Copa do Brasil and winner in the first leg, last Wednesday, 1-0, as an example . But he says he understands that it is not possible to have control over this.

– When I arrived at Santos, what saddened me most was the departure of players. This kind of change is what makes me the most upset, but these are things that happen, we have no control. When the team started meeting, one leaves, another leaves, and those who arrive now, we cannot demand that, for example, (Léo) Baptistão, be in shape to play.

– This lack (of pieces) is the opposite of what happens today with Athletico, which doesn’t lose players, it increases its squad, they hired Pedro Rocha, which we didn’t get. My complaint, what saddens me, is this. We could be at a faster game level if we managed to maintain consistency and, little by little, qualifying the team – said Fernando Diniz.

Fernando Diniz during a match between Athletico Paranaense and Santos for the Copa do Brasil — Photo: Ivan Storti/Santos FC

In addition to having sold Luan Peres, Kaio Jorge and Alison more recently, Santos lost Lucas Veríssimo and Diego Pituca at the beginning of the season – all of them, in 2020, were absolute owners under the command of coach Cuca.

In the market, Santos signed forwards Léo Baptistão and Diego Tardelli, midfielder Augusto Galván and goalkeeper Jandrei. Peixe already has an agreement and is close to agreeing the hiring of defender Emiliano Velázques.

Luan Peres, one of the players who left Santos recently — Photo: Ivan Storti/Santos FC

The coaching staff understands that Santos still needs a midfielder to make up for the absences of Diego Pituca and Sandry (the latter is recovering from a serious knee injury).

Peixe returns to the field on Saturday, at 7pm, in Vila Belmiro, to face Flamengo, for the 18th round of the Brazilian Championship. The return match of the quarterfinals of the Copa do Brasil will be on September 14, in Vila Belmiro. Fish need to win by two goals difference.

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