Diniz details two new signings for Santos and indicates the following for the young woman on the team: “It came in very well”

O saints was defeated to Athletic-PR per 1×0, in a controversial game, last Wednesday night (25), and came out at a disadvantage in the dispute for a place in the semifinal of the Brazil’s Cup. In the return match, which will only take place on September 14, at Vila Belmiro, Peixe will have to win by two goals difference to advance. Before thinking about the second game, the team turns its attention to the Brazilian Championship.

With an eye on the sequence of the season, coach Fernando Diniz is waiting for reinforcements already hired. This week, Santos reached agreements with the defender Emiliano Velázquez, ex-Rayo Vallecano, from Spain, and the goalkeeper Jandrei, who terminated the contract with Genoa, from Italy. The defender was already being accompanied and was praised by the commander.

the Velázquez is a player who, in fact, went through a sieve and everyone liked it, the recommendations were great and the rating positive. He’s a player we hope will help us“, detailed Diniz, at a press conference after the defeat at the Arena da Baixada. While the defender comes to dispute position, the goalkeeper will be an option on the bench.

Jandrei: arrives to be an immediate reserve (Photo: Pedro Ernesto Guerra Azevedo/Santos FC/Disclosure)

Jandrei: arrives to be an immediate reserve (Photo: Pedro Ernesto Guerra Azevedo/Santos FC/Disclosure)

Jandrei is an experienced goalkeeper, if we needed an immediate replacement, we would have a goalkeeper used to playing big championships. There is also a good footwork. Very happy with Jandrei coming to help us“, commented the coach, who had a low in the defensive system in the game with Athletico-PR.

Luiz Felipe felt a discomfort in his knee and became doubt for the next games. If the defender is unable to play, a young man has gained morale and may have a straight. “Luiz Felipe left with a knee discomfort, let’s wait to reassess and see if he has the conditions. Robson came in very well, played a safe and calm game. I liked his acting“, completed Diniz.