Diniz evaluates Santos’ defeat to Athletico and disputes the Brazilian VAR: “Gera revolt”

Coach Fernando Diniz lamented the performance of Santos in the defeat by 1-0 to Athletico this Wednesday, at Arena da Baixada, in the quarterfinals of the Copa do Brasil.

Peixe was dominated in the first half and balanced the actions in the final stage. Even so, he seemed far from reacting.

“Here it’s difficult, different field, the opposing team defends very well. We can build more, miss fewer passes. We played a good game in the second half. Athletico has basically the same team as last year, with few changes, and strengthening. few players, which is the opposite of Santos,” said Diniz, before explaining the squad without defensive midfielders.

“Camacho’s role was played by Jean Mota. Marcos played Jean’s role, as he did in many other games, when we took off defenders, Jean backed off and Marcos did that role. Athletico makes a quick transition and Marcos is fast. I don’t think it was Camacho’s absence, who made the team, was oscillating. The team doesn’t play well or badly due to the presence or absence of any fans. The team improved in the second half with the same formation, we had chances, the penalty shot… bad against Camacho and Jean Mota, for example. The system failed as a whole, we missed passes, pressure on marking and we suffered more than we should have in the first half,” he added.

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Fernando Diniz also criticized Marcelo de Lima Henrique’s arbitration and challenged the VAR for the way it is run in Brazil.

“Arbitration has been decisive, it was today and in Vila Belmiro. Player placed his boot between knee and shin and was not sent off, even with the analysis of the VAR (Gabriel Mercado, from Internacional). The bid that determines the Brazilian Championship is the expulsion of the Rodinei against Flamengo, for example, in a similar move. The penalty is a penalty anywhere, it didn’t even need a VAR. It was a penalty before and after Pelé. It was an obvious penalty. Athletico players said it was a penalty on the bench, there were people from Santos TV there. It was an easy move to whistle and the referee told me it wasn’t a penalty. If it wasn’t a penalty, the pitch is blue. I’m in favor of the VAR, but the tool needs to correct injustices, it’s important, but here there is confusion, lack of criteria and mistakes on easy things. It generates an important revolt,” he said.

“The penalty against Ceará in Vila Belmiro was less of a penalty than today, but it was a penalty according to the criteria. Today’s penalty is a penalty in any criterion of any time. With the help of the VAR, how not to revolt? This one? type of move can determine a phase pass in the Copa do Brasil. And who is this responsibility? Player lost time with the ball on the bounce and fixed it with his arm. Easy move. And Athletico almost scored after the move. discuss more seriously, we don’t know the criteria. Each referee has a criterion,” he amended.

With the victory, Athletico needs a draw to advance to the semifinals. The duel back, in Vila Belmiro, will only take place on September 14th.

For the Brazilian Championship, Santos will return to the field to receive Flamengo on Saturday, in Vila, for the 18th round.

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