Doctor fired after proposing sex to three with patient in Croatia | World

Doctor was tried for the lawsuit

Doctor was tried for the lawsuit

A doctor in Croatia was fired after proposing a “threesome” with a patient 30 years his junior. The young woman is about 20 years old and a man approached her and asked embarrassing questions, such as how many sexual partners she has had.

According to the newspaper Metro UK
, the court was informed that Dr. Nenad Dordevic would have insisted on the “proposal”, saying that the patient should “try new things while she is young”.

At the time, the man would have tried to play a kind of quiz game so they would find out more about each other. “I don’t remember the exact words, but that’s what he said. He probably expressed it differently or better. He seemed very good at being manipulative,” the woman said.

“After Dr. Dordevic finished seeing me, he asked me if I wanted to go out for a drink sometime. I just stared at the floor and didn’t answer. He asked me several times,” he reported. “When the nurse came in and was bandaging my wounds, Dr. Dordevic stuck his head in the corner of the door and muttered something like ”I’ll text you.'”

About two months later, the patient returned to the same hospital and asked to be seen by a doctor this time. However, the doctor recognized her name and went to see her.

While working at the Good Hope Hospital in Birmingham, he pestered another patient, who was suffering from Crohn’s disease. In that case, he would have suggested making an appointment to “have coffee” with the woman to “discuss her symptoms.”

In court, the judge said the doctor’s misconduct was “serious and flagrant, as well as being clearly considered deplorable by the public and other practitioners.”

“His actions violated a fundamental rule that governs the doctor-patient relationship – namely, that patients must be able to trust doctors to act in their best interests, not to act inappropriately and certainly not sexually motivated,” added the magistrate. “His conduct brought discredit to the profession.”