Eduardo Bolsonaro is vaccinated against Covid by Queiroga – 08/26/2021 – Balance and Health

Federal Deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro (PSL-SP) was vaccinated against Covid and posted a video on social media late this Wednesday (25).

Without a mask, he received the vaccine from the hands of Health Minister Marcelo Queiroga. While I received the bite, he joked saying “he’s not just a minister, he really knows how to apply”. Then the two posed for a photo holding their vaccination card.

In his account on social networks, along with the video, the deputy published a caption saying that “thanks to the Bolsonaro Government and @minsaude, Brazil today reached the milestone of 180 million doses of vaccines applied and +215 million already distributed – all vaccine in Brazil was bought by the Bolsonaro government and today was also my turn, alongside Min. @mqueiroga2”.

However, the deputy, who is 37 years old, could have already been vaccinated. According to the schedule of the Health Department of the Federal District, the immunization of people in this age group is allowed since the 23rd of July. At the time, the government even promoted a joint effort to immunize the population without the need for prior scheduling.

In June, in a post on Facebook, when criticizing the possible adoption by Brazil of an “immunization passport”, the deputy stated that the vaccines did not follow the protocols and, therefore, adverse reactions occurred.

The deputy had also made a statement against the use of protective masks against the coronavirus. In criticizing the press coverage regarding the use of the accessory, he said to “slide up his ass” with the mask.

“I think it’s a shame, this mequetrefe press that we have here in Brazil is able to cover only the mask. ‘Oh, the mask, it’s without a mask, it’s with a mask.’ Put it in the fuckin’ ass! We’re there! working, grating,” said the deputy in a video posted on his Instagram profile.