‘Every day and every night’

A day after he went viral again on social networks due to the volume of his genitalia, singer Zé Neto, 31, revealed that his love life with his wife, Natália Toscano, has sex ‘every day and every night’.

Through stories, on Instagram, the wife of the country singer, from the duo with Cristiano, opened the box of questions and answers with the title: ‘pro couple’. An internet user then asked the couple if they ‘have [sexo] all day’.

Natalia, then, showed the question to her husband: “What’s up?” she asked. “Every day and every night,” replied Zé Neto, followed by a long hug to his beloved.

The couple still remembered how it was the first time. She told that Zé Neto was feverish. “Our first time, the human being here was burning with fever. He took the cast off, it was all broken,” he said.

He, in turn, joked that he was ready for Natalia. “I told her, ‘It can come hot because I’m boiling,'” he added.

Natália Toscano and Zé Neto have been together for 13 years and will celebrate five years of marriage in 2021. They are parents of Pietra, three years old, and Cristiano, one year old.

“Impossible not to zoom”

Yesterday, countryman Zé Neto became a topic again due to the volume of his genitalia when he shared photos of his vacation in Mexico with his wife, Natália Toscano.

On his Instagram profile, the artist shared some records taking advantage of the natural beauty of Mexico and, in a certain photo, in which he appears shirtless and with wet shorts glued to his body, his followers pointed out a certain “volume” in the intimate part.

In the comments, followers reacted with good humor. “Tell Natália to be careful there are snakes there,” joked the follower. “Whoever there zoomed in,” wrote another fan. “Impossible not to zoom in,” said a third netizen.

Zé Neto caught the attention of followers with 'volume' - Reproduction: Instagram - Reproduction: Instagram

Zé Neto caught the attention of followers with ‘volume’

Image: Reproduction: Instagram