Exclusive! Former basketball player Murilo Becker: “I got punched and kicked”

The digital influencer Patrícia Pontes, ex-wife of the Brazilian professional basketball player Murilo Becker, sought the Leo Dias column, this Wednesday (8/25), to reveal that she was attacked by the athlete in the early hours of August 9th. The case was registered at the Women’s Police Station in São José dos Campos, in the interior of São Paulo.

On Father’s Day weekend, Becker traveled with the quadruplets he had with his ex-wife. The agreement was that he would return the children until 23:00 on the 8th, Sunday. But the athlete only arrived with the children around 12:30 am the next day. As he arrived late, Patrícia, who is protected by a protective measure – issued in the Court of Domestic and Family Violence against Women in São José dos Campos, on May 11, 2021 – decided to accompany the nanny.

That’s when she noticed the presence of her ex-husband’s girlfriend. According to Patrícia, the agreement in sharing custody was that, in the delivery of the children, the partners of both parents would not be present. Also according to the account of the ex-wife, Becker’s current one provoked her, from inside the car, by making jokes, laughing and waving her arms. The digital influencer complained, and Becker snapped, “Shut up, bitch.”

“Since he had a lot of fights with my ex-boyfriend – and I, with his current one – we made this deal. He got out of the car and I asked what had happened to him delivering the kids to me so late. He did not answer me. He opened the trunk to take out a wheelchair. Then his girlfriend arrived, in her car, and stopped on the other side of the street, just before my house. I asked, ‘What is she doing here?’ I was recording everything, on the advice of the lawyer, in case Murilo attacked me”, says Patrícia.

She says that Becker then grabbed one of her daughters’ sneakers and threw it at Patricia, hitting her in the face. Angry at being filmed, according to the victim’s report, the athlete would have thrown one of his children’s walkers on the ground, with force. Then he went to his ex-wife, punched her in the mouth and took out his cell phone.

“It hit my nose first, which still has a startled bone. I took my cell phone out of my pocket and said I was recording. But he didn’t stop, he came at me. I felt a lot of pain, but I stood up. With the punch in the teeth, I didn’t remember much, I stayed on the floor. I have witnesses”, continues the digital influencer.

Even on the ground, Patricia says she continued to be attacked with several kicks to the body. The athlete only stopped when the 14-year-old daughter of the digital influencer intervened. He erased the recorded video on his cell phone and threw the device on the floor twice.

Before going to the police station and registering the case, Patrícia underwent medical care at the Santa Casa de São José dos Campos. She had injuries to her nose, teeth and head, as well as a knee injury from her fall after the punch. The forensic examination was also carried out.

“Since what happened, I say that I’m not living, I’m surviving. I knew it had been something serious in my mouth, but not that bad. I still feel a lot of pain. When I get to sleep, I have nightmares that he’s breaking into my house. I have insomnia, I can sleep a little, only around 5 or 6 o’clock in the morning. That Saturday, I waited for the nanny to wake up so I could sleep, as if she was protecting my house”, confesses Patrícia.

“I can’t get out because he’s on the street. He is traveling with his girlfriend, having fun. After what happened, he didn’t see the children anymore. I’m in therapy. [Os profissionais são] ‘Angels’, who aren’t charging me. They embraced my cause”, says the digital influencer, and still emphasizes: “The lawsuits against him will not go ahead, I believe it is because of the influence he has”.

Married to Becker for five years, Patricia had quadruplets with him. The 7-year-old children have cerebral palsy. The couple separated in 2018. Becker has the right to visit his children every 15 days, from 5 pm on Friday to 5 pm on Sunday.

The column sought out the player Murilo Becker, but he did not respond to attempts to contact him until the publication of this report.