Fátima causes climax by denying Marcelinho Carioca at The Masked Singer

Idol of Corinthians, Marcelinho Carioca surprised spectators by revealing himself as the Coqueiro of The Masked Singer Brasil. The former player touched the judges when he spoke about his first experience as a singer in Globo’s attraction.

However, during his participation in the Meeting this Wednesday (25/8) Marcelinho had his story “denied” by Fátima Bernardes. The presenter recalled that the former player was part of a gospel pagoda group and even showed the cover of a CD recorded by him.


“You said you had never been involved in music, so explain it to me here,” said the presenter, before showing the video of Marcelinho singing at Globo’s Planeta Xuxa.

Laughing, the ex-player explained the situation. “This was Divina Inspiration, it was created by me and Amaral, who played with me at Corinthians […] I sang so well that I only sang half a song. I couldn’t even sing a whole song”, joked Marcelinho.

“I even asked to sing the entire song, but the producer told me: ‘Marcelinho, don’t make it up, man. Your business is with your legs, not your voice,’” he said. “But you have fun, at least”, consoled Fatima.

The former player still remembered when he was invited to participate in The Masked Singer. “When the director invited me, I said: ‘You must have called the wrong staff, I don’t know how to sing’”, he concluded.

See an excerpt from the program: