Federal Police arrests leader of Gas Consultoria

The Federal Police arrested the leader of Gas Consultoria, Glaidson Acácio dos Santos, after investigations that pointed to a large financial pyramid crime being committed with the image of Bitcoin, mainly in Cabo Frio.

This Wednesday (25), the Kryptos Operation was launched to comply with search and seizure warrants, in a luxury house in Rio de Janeiro, in the Itanhangá neighborhood in the west of the city. In a note to Livecoins, the PF gave more details about the operation.

“On this Wednesday morning (08/25), the Federal Police launched, together with GAECO/MPF and the Federal Revenue, Operation KRYPTOS, with the objective of dismantling the criminal organization responsible for billionaire fraud involving cryptocurrencies.”

With Glaidson, according to the G1, several belongings such as gold bars, dollars, euros and real in kind were seized. The operation takes place after the Lagos region in Rio de Janeiro is the target of a task force that investigated the conduct of at least ten companies, which would be promising fixed profits with Bitcoin.

One of the agents who participated in the operation this Wednesday was even frightened by the volume of items found and would have declared that the scheme could be “larger than the car wash”.

Federal Police arrests leader of Gas Consultoria and more arrests are being made

According to the Federal Police of Rio de Janeiro, investigations indicated that Gas Consultoria was a company that operated a ponzi scheme, with unrealistic offers of investments in cryptocurrencies.

“According to the investigation, a company, headquartered in the Region of Lagos/RJ, is responsible for the operationalization of a system of financial pyramids or “ponzi schemes”, based on the effective public offer of an investment contract, without prior registration with the agencies regulatory, linked to speculation in the cryptocurrency market, with the prediction of an unsustainable financial return on the amount invested.”

In operation for six years, the coup would have caused billions in financial market losses, according to preliminary PF investigations. Of this high amount collected, it is estimated that 50% of the sum was raised in the last 12 months, that is, the scam was growing in the market.

This Wednesday morning (25), 15 search and seizure warrants were carried out in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Ceará and the Federal District. In addition, seven preventive arrest warrants and two temporary arrest warrants were issued, served by 120 agents of the Brazilian Federal Police.

In a statement, the PF informed that all the warrants were issued by the 3rd Federal Criminal Court of Rio de Janeiro, after operations by the police, the Public Ministry and the Internal Revenue Service.

Up to 26 years in prison

The federal police estimate that the leader of Gas Consultoria could face up to 26 years in prison if he is convicted of the crimes of fraudulent management, illegal issuance of unregistered amounts, criminal organization and money laundering, which must be answered by the investigated.

It is worth noting that Gas Consultoria was the subject of two reports in a row by Fantástico, in the last two Sundays, which showed various financial pyramid schemes in the Lagos Region. Last Sunday, the report had already made it clear that the company was being investigated by the federal police, which started this operation on Wednesday.

Operation Kriptos was named after a Greek term, meaning “hidden” and coined the term crypto.