Federal Police make biggest seizure of cryptocurrencies in history: R$ 150 million

On Wednesday (25), the Federal Police carried out the largest seizure of cryptocurrencies in history. According to the PF, R$ 150 million in cryptoactive assets were seized, which will be liquidated and will be available to the courts.

During the fulfillment of the 15 search and seizure warrants, around R$ 19 million in cash were also seized, in addition to 21 luxury vehicles, high-end watches, jewelry, values ​​in foreign currency and documents.

Operation Kryptos, which investigates an alleged financial pyramid scheme, arrested 5 people. Among them, Glaidson Acácio, owner of a bitcoin consultancy in the municipality of Cabo Frio, in the Lakes Region of Rio de Janeiro. Glaidson was arrested in a mansion in Barra da Tijuca, West Zone of the state capital.

According to investigations, he is suspected of moving billions in an alleged financial pyramid scheme, which promises a return of up to 15% of the amount invested by clients. In addition to Rio, the arrests took place in Cabo Frio and two at Guarulhos Airport, in São Paulo.

In a press release, Glaidson Acácio’s defense said that “they are aware of the arrest and so far without access to the contents of the investigations.”

THE CNN found that Glaidson will go through a custody hearing this Thursday (26).

Check out the full defense note by Glaidson Acácio:

“Glaidson Acácio’s defense is aware of the arrest and so far without access to the contents of the investigations. Only after proper analysis of all documentation will we be able to express ourselves in a concrete manner.”