FGTS birthday withdrawal reaches R$8.1 billion in 2021; know how to join

Since the crisis caused by the pandemic, the amount of R$ 16.5 billion has already been withdrawn by workers through the modality of FGTS birthday withdrawal. They have already been rescued, in 2021 alone, about BRL 8.1 billion. Remembering that the modality guarantees part of the anticipated value of the FGTS, considering the month of the workers’ birthdays.

According to the federal government, the expectation is that another 4 billion will be withdrawn by the end of 2021. This will total, in the year in question alone, around R$ 12 billion. The Ministry of Economy reported that approximately 13 million workers have already joined the FGTS birthday loot.

Adhesions began in 2019 and, as of April 2020, the first redemptions of amounts by workers were carried out. The average of the withdrawals by the modality is in BRL 787.00 per worker.

How to join the FGTS birthday withdrawal

It is possible to join the FGTS birthday withdrawal through Caixa’s website or application, making a quick registration. Before that, you need to understand some important details about the requirements. To join the FGTS birthday withdrawal, the worker must:

  • Be over 18 or emancipated;
  • Have a checking account or savings account at CAIXA (except Poupança Social Digital and Poupança CAIXA Fácil);
  • Be opting for the FGTS birthday withdrawal and authorize CAIXA to consult its FGTS information;
  • Have sufficient FGTS balance for anticipation, within the minimum values ​​for contracting;
  • Be with the CPF in a regular situation at the Federal Revenue;
  • Be in good standing with CAIXA or use the credit resource to settle the debt.

To sign up through Caixa’s Internet Banking app, it is necessary to enter the app and then go to the FGTS. Inside the platform, they will be all account information, active and inactive, if you have more than one. Balances and other details will also be available.

In the lower part, you have the option “Join Loot-Birthday”. You can perform a simulation and hire. The worker will be able to fill in the necessary data and send the information to, from then on, be already included in the birthday draft. Through the Caixa app, it is also possible to register, following the same method.

It is important to point out that the birthday withdrawal is a modality that releases up to three years in advance of the FGTS, with monthly interest of 0.99% and, per year, 12.54%. If the worker joins the modality, he will no longer have the full amount of the FGTS in case of unfair dismissal or retirement.

The other rights, however, remain: 40% termination fine as to the amount deposited by the employer in the context of unfair dismissal.