FGTS ‘Withdrawal-anniversary’ grows and already equals withdrawn value in 2020 – Economy

BRASILIA – Since October 2019, almost 13 million workers have already opted for the loot-birthday of the Severance Indemnity Fund (FGTS), whose withdrawals began in April 2020. Through the modality – which is increasingly popular -, the worker can withdraw part of the value of the Guarantee Fund accounts per year, according to the month in which he/she was born.

See the main questions and rules involving the modality:

What is birthday loot?

Through this modality, the worker can withdraw part of the value of the FGTS accounts per year, according to the month in which he/she was born. He must inform his choice of birthday withdrawal by the last day of the month of his birthday to receive in the same year of membership.

How do I apply for membership?

Workers can opt for the service channels: FGTS application and website of Box. Anyone who has a savings account or a checking account at Caixa or any other bank can request credit to an account.

What if I join the loot-birthday and get fired?

The employee who opts for the birthday withdrawal will continue to be entitled to a 40% fine in case of dismissal, but will lose the right to withdrawal withdrawal, that is, he will not be able to withdraw the total balance from his FGTS account upon being dismissed.

What if I regret joining?

In case of regret, the worker may return to withdrawal withdrawal. But the migration will only take place two years after the date of accession to the loot-birthday. Thus, if he joined in January this year, he will be able to return to withdrawal withdrawals in January 2023 and will be entitled to the amounts deposited in the FGTS account from the end of the migration grace period.

What if I get fired while I’m at the birthday loot?

If the worker is on the withdrawal-birthday and is dismissed, he may continue to withdraw the amounts from the FGTS annually. And it will continue to have the right to withdraw the FGTS balance for the homeowner’s house, in case of serious illness, retirement and death of the holder and for other cases provided for by law for withdrawal.

I didn’t like the birthday loot, what do I need to do?

Those who prefer to stay on withdrawal withdrawals and be entitled to withdraw the full balance in case of dismissal need not do anything.

I joined the withdrawal-birthday, what is the withdrawal calendar in 2021?

  • Born in January – Drawings from January to March
  • Born in February – withdrawals from February to April
  • Born in March – withdrawals from March to May
  • Born in April – withdrawals from April to June
  • Born in May – withdrawals from May to July
  • Born in June – withdrawals from June to August
  • Born in July – withdrawals from July to September
  • Born in August – withdrawals from August to October
  • Born in September – withdrawals from September to November
  • Born in October – withdrawals from October to December
  • Born in November – Draws from November 2021 to January 2022
  • Born in December – withdrawals December 2021 to February 2022

How much can I withdraw per year?

In the annual withdrawals from the FGTS there will be a withdrawal limit. The annual withdrawal amount will be a percentage of the worker’s account balance. For accounts with up to R$ 500, 50% of the balance will be released, a percentage that will reduce the higher the amount in the account. For accounts with more than R$500, the withdrawals will be increased by a fixed installment. Therefore, shareholders with a lower balance will be able to withdraw higher percentages annually.

Know the limits of the balance ranges (in R$) / the rates / and the additional installment (in R$):

  • Up to 500.00 50.0% –
  • From 500.01 to 1,000.00 / 40% / 50.00
  • From 1,000.01 to 5,000.00 / 30% / 150.00
  • From 5,000.01 to 10,000.00 / 20% / 650.00
  • From 10000.01 to 15,000.00 / 15% / 1150.00
  • From 15,000.01 to 20,000.00 / 10% / 1,900.00
  • Above 20,000.01 / 5% / 2,900.00


  1. Those who have R$750.00 in their account receive 40% of R$750, which is R$300, plus the additional rate of R$50, totaling R$350;
  2. Those who have BRL 25,000 in their account receive 5% of BRL 25,000, which gives BRL 1,250, plus the additional rate of BRL 2,900, which gives a total of BRL 4,150;
  3. Those with R$100,000 receive 5% of R$100,000, which is R$5,000, plus the additional rate of R$2,900, which gives the total of R$7,900.00.

As withdrawals are made, the balance decreases, increasing the amount that can be withdrawn.

What is the return of FGTS?

With the distribution of 96% of last year’s profit, the FGTS had a total return of 4.92% in 2020, against a variation of 4.52% of the inflation measured by the IPCA last year. The FGTS income was also above savings, which yielded 2.11% last year and ended 2020 with a negative real return (discounted for inflation) of 2.30%.

How is the credit with the birthday withdrawal?

This is a new type of credit aimed at people who have already joined the withdrawal-anniversary. The advance of amounts occurs through the FGTS loan, that is, the taxpayer receives up to 5 installments of the benefit at once, which he would be entitled to withdraw only once a year in the month of his/her birthday.

What is the advantage of this line?

The advantage is the access to credit in advance and the worker uses the value in what he prefers, such as the payment of debts and even to invest the money. The financial institutions that make the loan available have the FGTS as payment guarantee, that is, the client does not pay installments, as the amount due is debited directly from the fund. Thus, as the bank does not run the risk of default, the interest charged is lower. The minimum amount to make the request is R$ 500, with an advance of up to 5 birthday withdrawals.