Final Fantasy XIV will have an entire data center blocked for creating new characters

It is undeniable that Final Fantasy XIV is one of the most interesting and surprising recent success stories in the industry. Commemorating 8 years since the release of his “reboot” this August 24th, the producer and director of the game, Naoki Yoshida, released a letter to players regarding the overload of players that the servers have suffered in recent months.

Yoshida had already commented that the title was seeing its largest influx of players in its entire history and this new post reiterates this, saying that the number of simultaneous logins has constantly hit server limits, especially in North American and European Data Centers .

Regarding European servers, after patch 5.58 and the maintenance performed this morning, they adjusted some things in the configuration of European Data Centers and the login limit will be increased after the stability confirmation period. At the end of September, Square Enix will replace some of its equipment with new high-performance machines, which will allow it to increase the limit even further. However, due to the considerable level of congestion, especially on weekends, the game will maintain the login queues as they have worked well to avoid problems.

The situation, however, is a little more serious in North American Data Centers and as a result, all worlds in Data Center Aether will be classified as Congested, which will prevent the creation of new characters in these worlds until this classification is reached. removed.

Yoshida apologized for the inconvenience this may cause for players who have friends on these servers and wanted to create characters or move their current characters to this Data Center, but the number of logins in each world of this Data Center, even with constant expansions to capacity server, continued to reach maximum capacity, which led to this decision.

Yoshida warned that if the number of characters continued to grow, login queues could take several hours, so this approach was needed. However, the Primal and Crystal Data Centers will continue to be available, although they are also quite congested.

Finally, Yoshida noted that the game’s Infrastructure and Development teams are working on a large-scale plan to expand data centers and add new worlds. However, due to the scarcity of semiconductors around the world, they have had difficulty getting the necessary equipment. In addition, the increase in COVID-19 cases in Japan has caused staff concerns with international travel for local deployment of equipment, so it has been difficult to reduce the time required to complete the installation.

Yoshida thanked everyone for their understanding and support, as the circumstances surrounding the infrastructure issues are far from ideal, but he promised that the team will continue to work to implement all possible solutions.