Find out how much Tiago Leifert, William Bonner, Marcos Mion and Luciano Huck earn per month

With Luciano Huck migrating to the leading broadcaster’s Sunday nights, a curiosity hangs in the air: How much do TV Globo presenters earn?

The column found that Luciano Huck will win around BRL 3,500,000.00 (three million and five hundred thousand reais) monthly to command his Domingão with Huck, which is scheduled to debut on September 5th. Therefore, the husband of Angelica will become the most powerful talk show host in the country in 2022.

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Marcos Mion who will command the ‘Caldeirão’ from September 4th, will pocket something around BRL 400 thousand reais.

Marcos Mion on Globo (Reproduction/Instagram)

The anchor of the National Newspaper receives the amount of R$ 900 thousand reais per month to command the news. James Leifert which is confirmed at BBB 22 earns something around R$ 300 thousand reais per month.

millionaire range

To advertise for 60 seconds during the break of the most important TV news in the country, the entrepreneur has to pay R$ 1,704,800.00. This is the price to have your product displayed at the most expensive break on the Globo and Brazil grid.

William Bonner and Renata Vasconcellos (Globo/Disclosure)

In short, with what it earns for 60 seconds during prime time, the Marinhos company pays the top prize for Big Brother Brasil and there are still more than 200 thousand reais to invest in another reality show.