First Impressions New Hyundai Crete 2022: Strong Personality

The Hyundai Creta is one of the most successful SUVs in Brazil. Launched in 2016, it accumulates more than 230 thousand units sold. Now in its 2nd generation, it completely changes its look to align with the brand’s new global identity, but it is precisely this transformation that represents its biggest challenge.

It also gets the long-awaited 1.0 Turbo engine that debuted on the HB20, as well as a series of security systems in the more expensive versions. Inside, everything is new too. Will it be enough to keep you among the best sellers in Brazil? That’s what we’re going to try to answer.

Hyundai Crete 2022

Which is?

After all, is it a new generation? According to Hyundai yes. While enjoying the same platform as the previous generation, the new Crete 2022 radically changes its look and interior finish. There is no part of the old, none, which makes it impossible to say that it is a super facelift. The impression when facing the novelty live is better than in the photos, but still your biggest challenge will be how customers will understand the new style.

With a strong personality, he distinguishes himself from any competitor, which is good. Without a doubt, the new front attracts attention due to the new optical assembly with divided elements that, when lit, resemble a boomerang.

The front grille changes slightly compared to versions sold in other countries, especially in the finish, the frame and also the lower air intakes. The bumper also has a plastic appliqué, which can be black or silver tone depending on the version, whose mission is to make the Crete more robust.

Hyundai Crete 2022

Moving to the side, the new design brings more rounded creases that highlight the wheel boxes. The roofline has a soft sag, as in the previous generation, and now features finishes that extend all the way to the C-pillar to give the famous floating roof feel. Finally, the rear also has a unique design, as well as the separate-part headlamps that also refer to the shape of a boomerang.

Hyundai Crete 2022

The new Hyundai Crete 2022 has also evolved from the inside. It became more refined and sophisticated, and for that, the brand used materials in different colors, such as brown and beige. The panel has straight lines well demarcated with textured material and looks good quality but is rigid throughout. The only soft spot you’ll find is in the center armrest and the door support. New steering wheel, new instrument panel with 7.5-inch digital screen, multimedia center with 10.25″ screen, electronic parking brake, driving mode selector and digital air conditioning are present in the more expensive versions.

Hyundai Crete 2.0 Ultimate 2022 - Impressions

What’s up?

Before accelerating, it is worth noting that the new Crete is an evolution of its previous platform. It became more refined and silent. It now has the 1.0 Turbo engine that delivers 120 hp of power and 17.5 kgfm of torque always associated with the 6-speed automatic transmission. According to Hyundai, this set should account for about 90% of sales of the new Crete.

Our first contact was with the most equipped 1.0 Turbo version, Platinum. It is from this version that the coolest things from Crete are available: instrument panel with 7.5-inch digital screen, multimedia center with 10.25″ screen, panoramic sunroof, blind spot cameras, electronic parking brake , tire pressure monitoring with individual indicator, driver’s seat with ventilation, 360° camera and driving mode selector.Its price is R$ 135,490.

Hyundai Crete 2.0 Ultimate 2022 - Impressions

But let’s get down to business: does this set do it? The first impression is that yes. Delivering full torque at just 1,500 rpm makes the Crete agile, far more agile than its predecessor equipped with a 1.6 engine. Side effect is higher internal noise and vibration, something to be expected, but which was somewhat reduced by sound insulation. Marriage to the six-speed automatic transmission is good and you won’t lack strength. Using the Sport mode, things get even more interesting with faster responses, both from the throttle and the gear. This performance is a reflection of the weight of just 1,270 kg in running order.

Hyundai Crete 2.0 Ultimate 2022 - Impressions

We also had quick contact with the most expensive version, 2.0 Ultimate, and the only one with all available items. The 2.0 Flex engine, aspirated, received improvements and gained 1 hp, now delivering 167 hp with ethanol. The torque is 20.6 kgfm at 4,700 rpm with ethanol (19.2 kgfm with gasoline) and the gearbox is also the six-speed automatic. Only in this version you will find LED headlights and taillights, 18” wheels, fatigue detector, adaptive cruise control, autonomous emergency braking, lane-staying assistant, front parking sensor and adaptive high beam.

Hyundai Crete 2.0 Ultimate 2022 - Impressions

At the wheel, the 2.0 engine manages to deliver good agility to the 1,300 kg of this version. Aspirated, the engine grows well and also does the job. Positive point in this generation is the improvement in sound insulation. With a wider range to work the torque, it also gives the driver the feeling of better engine control, especially when opting for paddle-shift exchanges. It’s the option you won’t let down when you have all the occupants and more bags.

Hyundai Crete 2.0 Ultimate 2022 - Impressions

With practically the same suspension adjustment as the 1.0 Turbo, it transmits a lot of safety when cornering. When triggered on the locked circuit, the stability control systems acted willingly, holding the momentum or bringing the SUV onto the right path. The big news, the blind spot cameras that show the image on the dashboard require the driver to get used to it, as it is a counter-intuitive movement to look at the center of the instrument panel when you decide to make a turn.

All other items are very well received as they contribute effectively to safety, especially the adaptive autopilot and the autonomous emergency braking system. Compared to the previous model, the general evolution is clear, even with the absence of rubberized materials on the panel.

How much?

You can have Crete 2022 with the new look for R$107,490, but the coolest items won’t be in it. If you’re thinking about the more affordable version of the new Crete, you can put it in your head that you’ll have to live with the parking brake, fabric seat and a simpler instrument panel. On the positive side, the 1.0 Turbo engine with automatic transmission will give you a more agile SUV than the previous one.

Going up one step, the Creta Limited 1.0 costs R$ 120,490 and adds 17” diamond alloy wheels, digital air conditioning, on-site key and button start among the main items. Now, if you want the seats with synthetic leather upholstery, you’ll need to opt for the Creta Platinum 1.0 for R$ 135,490, and also get the 10.25” multimedia center, panoramic sunroof, instrument panel with 7” color screen, brake brake. electronic parking with auto hold function and driving mode selector.

Hyundai Crete 2022

To take everything the new Crete 2022, you’ll have to buy the 2.0 Ultimate version for R$147,990. It will have LED headlights and taillights, 18” wheels, beige and brown interior finish, fatigue detector, adaptive cruise control, autonomous emergency braking, lane stay assistant, front parking sensor, adaptive high beam and parking system. sound with two tweeters.

In the end, the new Crete manages to show that it has really evolved. Hyundai was right to put the 1.0 Turbo engine in a wide range of versions. Getting more expensive these days is almost inevitable, however, with the arrival of a whole new style and more equipment. On the other hand, today’s world has competitors as equipped as Crete and the price of the more expensive versions ends up putting it dangerously close to larger SUVs.

But of course, the final question is: will the look help or hinder? For those looking for an SUV with a strong personality, the new Crete is the answer.

Datasheet: Hyundai Crete 2022

Hyundai Crete 1.0 turboHyundai Crete 2.0
MOTORfront, transverse, 3 cylinders, 12 valves, 998 cm3, turbo and direct injection, flexfront, transverse, 4 cylinders, 16 valves, 1,999 cm³, variable double command, flex

120 hp at 6,000 rpm / 17.5 kgfm at 1,500 rpm

167/157 hp at 6,200 rpm / 20.6/19.2 kgfm at 4,700 rpm (ethanol/petrol)
STREAMING6-speed automatic; front wheel drive6-speed automatic; front wheel drive

independent McPherson front and rear torsion axle

independent McPherson front and rear torsion axle
WHEELS AND TIRES alloy rim 16″ with 205/65 R16 tires or alloy rim 17 with 215/60 R17 tires18″ alloy rim with 215/55 R18 tires
BRAKESventilated front and solid rear discs with ABS and EBDventilated front and solid rear discs with ABS and EBD
WEIGHT1,270 kg in running order1300 kg in running order

length 4,300 mm, width 1,790 mm, height 1,620 mm, wheelbase 2,610 mm

length 4,300 mm, width 1,790 mm, height 1,620 mm, wheelbase 2,610 mm
CAPABILITIES50 liter tank, 422 liter trunk50 liter tank, 422 liter trunk

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