Five names to shake up RuPaul’s Drag Race jury · TV News

Xuxa Meneghel is quoted to take on the Brazilian version of Drag Race, a reality show that elects the best drag queen in the country and is scheduled to premiere in 2022. In the North American version, actor and drag queen RuPaul is responsible for commanding the attraction –which even bears his name.

According to the Na Telinha website, the program will be shown on Multishow. To TV news, the station’s press office stated that they were not aware of this information. Paramount+, responsible for the reality’s format, declined to comment on the matter. The report also tried to contact Xuxa Menghel’s press office, but had no return until the publication of this text.

Despite the uncertainties about the debut of the Brazilian version, fans of the program have already started to opine on Twitter about names that can take over the jury panel of RuPaul’s Drag Race Brasil. In the United States, the panel of judges is composed of three fixed reviewers and one guest for each episode.

O TV news selected five names that can stir the jury of attraction. Check out:

Rodrigo Xuxa

Since Xuxa is quoted to take over the reality show, there’s nothing better than putting one of the biggest fans of the eternal queen of the shorties to join the jury’s bench. Rodrigo Pereira, better known as Rodrigo Xuxa, is the presenter’s cover. Since he was 13 years old, he has interpreted the blonde’s songs, but it wasn’t until 2008 that he played his first show with the updated stage name.

Rita Cadillac

Rita Cadillac gained notoriety after becoming one of the chacretes, dancers and stage assistants of the program Cassino do Chacrinha on Globo, in the 80’s. The artist also worked as a porn actress in 2004, but decided to leave adult entertainment after four years. In 2008, she took a risk in her political career and ran for councilor in Praia Grande (SP), winning just 378 votes.

The former chacrete returned to the spotlight in 2013, when she participated in A Fazenda 6. Since her appearance on the reality show on Record, Rita has been leading a quieter life. In 2018, the blonde even released the video for the song É Bom Para o Moral, created in 1984. In 2020, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, she faced financial problems and decided to make money with OnlyFans – a content platform adult.

“Having been out of work for over a year and earning money was a great trigger for researching new ways to support myself. Talking with some friends, I realized that I could generate revenue on this platform and still make countless requests that I always receive through social networks. So I decided to join the need to work with these requests that I receive”, told the famous TV news.

Denise Rocha

Icon of A Fazenda 6, model Denise Rocha was an advisor to senator Ciro Nogueira (PP/PI) in 2012. Thanks to the position, she became known as the CPI’s Hurricane, when a commission to investigate Carlinhos Cachoeira was taking place in Brasília , who had been accused of setting up an illegal gambling scheme. During her passage through the political scene, the blonde had an intimate video leaked, which resulted in her instant fame.

In A Fazenda, the model was highlighted for taking part in unforgettable fights with Andressa Urach. The two gave life to the meme “Good morning, Miss Butt and good morning, CPI Hurricane”.

Silvetty Montilla

Silvetty is a nationally known drag queen. She also performs as a comedian, actress and reporter. With more than 35 years of career, he has already performed in several plays, but he has also established himself in the artistic scene thanks to shows in gay clubs in São Paulo. On television, drag was a reporter for TV Fama (between 2008 and 2011), participated in the programs Toma Lá, Dá Cá (2007-2009) and Pé a Cova (2013-2016) and voiced a character in the animation Super Drags (2018) , from Netflix.


A phenomenon on the internet, Tidinha gained prominence in 2006, when she debuted on TV in the show Idolos, on SBT. The aspiring singer sang the song Tô de Bem com a Vida, by Xuxa Meneghel. A big fan of the “Queen of the Short Ones”, she also participated in other attractions on Silvio Santos’ radio station, such as A Praça É Nossa and the Astros program.

In 2019, Tidinha was remembered by Twitter users after appearing in the audience at the Encontro com Fátima Bernardes, on Globo.