Flamengo performances: Vitinho and Michael build rout, and Bruno Viana comes back on top | Flamengo

Vitinho: decisive. He replaced Everton Ribeiro, who had a great performance, and built the rubro-negro rout, with two assists, for goals from Michael and Rodinei, in addition to a penalty goal. Grade: 8.5

Michael: replaced the injured Bruno Henrique in the first half, in a difficult moment for Flamengo. He fought a lot and took full advantage when Grêmio started to offer space for counterattacks. He created good plays, suffered a penalty and was awarded a goal. Grade: 8.0

Vitinho Michael Flamengo — Photo: Pedro H. Tesch / Flamengo

Bruno Viana: three days after being criticized in the draw with Ceará, he made a comeback. In addition to the safe performance in the defense, he had a star when he took advantage of the area and scored the winning goal for Flamengo. Grade: 7.0

  • Diego Alves: 6.0
  • Islam: 4.5
  • Gustavo Henrique: 6.0
  • Bruno Viana: 7.0
  • Filipe Luis: 7.0
  • William Aaron: 5.5
  • Diego: 5.0
  • Everton Ribeiro: 6.5
  • Arrascaeta: 5.5
  • Bruno Henrique: 6.0
  • Gabigol: 6.0
  • Michael: 8.0
  • Matheus: 6.5
  • Thiago Maia: 6.5
  • Vitinho: 8.5
  • Rodinei: 7.0

The Voice of the Fans - Arthur: "let me know that Flamengo is in the semifinals of the Copa do Brasil!"

A Voz da Torcida – Arthur: “let me know that Flamengo is in the semifinals of the Copa do Brasil!”

— Photo: Disclosure