From waiter to millionaire: find out who Glaidson is, arrested on suspicion of ‘pyramid’ in RJ | Rio de Janeiro

Until 2014, Glaidson Acácio dos Santos received little more than BRL 800 as a waiter, in a chic restaurant on Orla Bardot, in Búzios, Região dos Lagos. In 7 years, he became a millionaire who moved at least BRL 2 billion in a company suspected of carrying out the scam known as the “pyramid”.

GAS Consultoria Bitcoin, Glaidson’s company, promised 10% profit on client investments in the cryptocurrency market. According to the investigation by the Federal Police (PF) and the Federal Public Ministry (MPF), which led to Glaidson’s arrest on Wednesday, the firm didn’t even invest in bitcoins – profits were paid to customers while other people’s money came in. .

Glaidson’s birthday, in February this year, had a concert by singer João Gabriel — Photo: Reproduction/ TV Globo

Married to Venezuelan Mirelis Diaz Zerpa, Glaidson avoids appearing in public – except at closed events with friends. In one of them, recorded on video to which TV Globo had access, he celebrated his birthday in Angra dos Reis in February, with a private show by country singer João Gabriel.

With GAS, Glaidson managed to rise and amassed a fortune. In April of that year, more than R$7 million were seized in Búzios, a resort next to Cabo Frio. The money was in three suitcases and would be taken to São Paulo by a couple who works for his company.

Three suitcases of money, totaling around R$ 7 million, were seized in April of this year in Búzios, a resort next to Cabo Frio — Photo: Reproduction/ TV Globo

Mansions, yachting and R$20 million in cash

The businessman’s house, in Cabo Frio, is valued at R$9 million, has security and luxury cars at the door.

Glaidson in boat — Photo: Reproduction

But he was arrested in Rio, in another mansion. There, more than R$ 20 million in cash were found, and even gold bars. One police officer claimed that he had not seen such amounts of cash or in the Lava Jato seizures.

In addition to reais, there were dollars and euros. In the garage, a Porsche and a BMW were found.


The suspect’s mansion is located in a luxury condominium in the West Zone of Rio. — Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo

Mansion where Glaidson was arrested is located in a luxury condominium in Barra da Tijuca, West Zone of Rio — Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo

A BMW was also found by federal agents. — Photo: Playback/TV Globo

GAS Consultoria Bitcoin, Glaidson’s company, had been investigated for two years. In a statement to the police, he even denied that he handled cryptocurrencies. He stated that he worked with artificial intelligence, information technology and software production.

The appearance on the social networks of the party contrasted with the posture of Glaidson, who used to keep a low profile. Unlike other investors, he didn’t usually expose imported cars and signs of wealth on social media.

GAS has no website or social network. The phone available at the Internal Revenue Service does not work either.

In the early afternoon, at the door of the Superintendence of the Federal Police of Rio, in Praça Mauá, Glaidson’s lawyer gave an interview.

“It was a surprise. We did not expect this, we were not aware of any type of procedure or investigation that could lead to such a situation. R$ 20 million is an exaggerated and high amount. But it is not an amount that you can say comes from criminal practice. Earning money, having R$ 20 million at home, that in itself is not a crime.

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