Galaxy A21 explodes and forces crew to evacuate plane in USA

A smartphone caught fire and forced the crew to evacuate a plane on a flight operated by Alaska Airlines. The information was confirmed by the staff of The Seattle Times, and the trip departed from New Orleans and the whole case happened after the plane landed in Seattle, in the United States.

According to the crew, the smartphone in question is a Galaxy A21. The device was inside the luggage compartment of the plane and, for some unknown reason, it ignited by itself, with the smoke invaded the cabin and this forced the emergency evacuation.

the plane’s crew used fire extinguishers and a battery containment bag to prevent the phone from smoking, but passengers had to exit the plane due to the conditions and the amount of smoke inside the cabin, said an airline spokesman.

Crew members even reported that the smartphone was totally destroyed after the scare and this prevented even the device from being recognized:

After a lot of research, I can tell you that the phone you burned is unrecognizable. However, during a conversation with one of our Seattle police officers, the passenger [dono do aparelho] said the phone was a Samsung Galaxy A21. Again, it was not possible to confirm by looking at the device’s remains.

So far, Samsung has not commented on the incident. In any case, all devices with lithium-ion batteries present risks of fire and explosion. Therefore, the case should be treated as an isolated event, since there isn’t a serial issue as in the explosive Galaxy Note 7 scenario.

We recently saw that an iPhone also caught fire inside an airplane, with even an entire charge of the vivo Y20 spontaneously combusting.