Gil do Vigor’s Affair says he has dated women: ‘Two great romances’

Affair de Gil do Vigor, 33-year-old dentist Plínio Vasconcelos revealed that he has dated women. He broached the subject when answering questions that followers had about his story. According to Plínio, he lived two love stories with the opposite gender when he was younger.

“I’ve dated a woman. I’ve had two great romances… One in adolescence and the other between 20 and 21 years old,” replied the dentist after being questioned about his love life.

But the focus right now is the ex-BBB. So much so that Plínio and the economist, although they’re not dating seriously, make it clear that the atmosphere is one of romance. They even exchange affectionate statements on social networks.

Plínio, for example, shared an image where he appears in the sun, wearing sunglasses. Gil then manifests. “Too beautiful,” he writes, putting still images of hearts in love in the message. The dentist, in turn, answers: “My most beautiful thing”, also using the image of the heart to demonstrate the feeling.

The ex-BBB clarified that they are not dating seriously, but getting to know each other better. Not to mention that the economist will leave for the US soon, where he will start his PHD at an American university.

“Not yet (I’m dating). I’m meeting, talking, ‘rejoicing’, but not dating yet. Because the PHD in the United States, guys… So, calm down, breathe, and let’s take it easy,” he said at the time.