Gilberto says goodbye to Fiuk before moving to pursue his PhD in the US

Gil do Vigor, 30 years old, is in the final preparations and counting the hours for the trip to California, in the United States, where he will study the long-awaited PhD in economics. But, before boarding, the economist took some time to meet up with the friend of “Big Brother Brasil 21”. Tonight, he said goodbye to Fiuk, 30.

“I’m here with my love. He will [me visitar], he promised. It’s recorded,” Gil said. “You’re leaving me. I swore. Woe to you if you abandon me. We’ll pick you up in Los Angeles, I’m serious!” replied Fiuk.

At the reunion, Fiuk asked if the economist was showing his nails or the wedding band in the video. “We have the roll ‘Giuk’. I saw other gossip there and I’m jealous. What is this gossip?”, joked the musician, referring to the affair that his friend from the reality show has been living.

Earlier, the ex-BBB said he was preparing to move to another country. “Today is a day off, but I have to pack my suitcase because I’m going to live in another country,” he said.

Gil said that his mother had everything ready and even needed to buy another suitcase. Last week, Mrs. Jacira Santana shared with her fans that she took her passport to travel with Gilberto Nogueira. The economist’s mother posed with her passport in hand and warned that she will not leave the former BBB21 participant alone in the challenge outside Brazil.

“Guys, look what I just got. My passport. Are you thinking someone’s going to stay there without me? Oh dear, I’ll go ok!? Oh, I’m all organized. Now I’m going to get a visa, and soon , therefore: USA,” said Jacira.

PhD in the United States

Gil do Vigor leaves for the city of Davis, California, on the 28th of August. The former participant of “BBB 21” said that his course takes four to six years to complete. However, he believes that he will spend six years studying due to the degree of difficulty in his field of analysis.

“I’ll be there for between four and six years, [nas] I believe there will be six because the part I study is the fight that only Jesus knows. It is the part of quantitative methods that lasts a little longer,” said the economist.

He said he plans to study full-time in the United States, but he will keep Saturdays to continue his work as a poster boy to continue profiting from his image. Even in the United States, Gil will continue with the painting “Tá Lascado” during “Mais Você”, remotely.