Giovanna Lancellotti and Caio Castro fled the hospital without paying a bill

In mid-2014, Giovanna Lancellotti was invited by a magazine to take photos in Vale Nevado, Chile. Informed that she could call more people, she chose Caio Castro and another friend.

In participation in “Que História É Essa, Porchat?” (GNT) the actress says she was excited because she didn’t know snow. On the second day of the trip, she went to the mall with Caio, who wanted to surf in an artificial wave pool.

“I said “You’re not going, are you? You live in Rio de Janeiro, surf there. No need,” she said, but Caio insisted and ended up having an accident.

When I looked, he was on the ground, lying with the board. I said ‘fo***’, I didn’t even think about him, I thought ‘the trip is over’. I thought ‘what photo are we going to take?’

Giovanna accompanied her friend in the ambulance. “While he was taking the x-ray, I went to register at the hospital. I put my name and documents in,” said the actress.

The doctor came back and said, ‘So, you fractured your collarbone into eight pieces. You need to operate now. Either you are now going to operate in Brazil or you enter the operating room and operate here’. Caio wanted to return to Brazil. In the meantime, I went to settle the bill and the woman said she paid 3,000 pesos.

It turns out that, when telling the actor the amount of the bill, he said he wouldn’t pay.

For those who don’t know Caio, he’s the most contradictory person, he’s a handful, ok? He said he wasn’t going to pay and I also said I wasn’t going to pay. At the end of the hallway was an emergency door. He looked and said the following sentence ‘No 3, we run’

Caio counted and the actors fled the hospital without paying the bill.

“We called the magazine later saying that this problem had happened and that we were without our wallet. They ended up bearing this cost, Caio had to operate and put a titanium plate”, concluded Giovanna.