Globo takes action after controversy involving Roger Flores and Flamengo

Roger was scolded by Globo.

Credit: Reproduction

According to information from the portal “TV news“, Globo did not let the controversy with Roger Flores, during the transmission of Ceará x Fortaleza, go unpunished. At the time, the former player stated that the way Pedro is being used by Rubro-Negro is not normal, pointing out a possible problem between the player and the board.

Therefore, the station caught the attention of the commentator, who ended up getting scolded. In this scenario, it was asked, in the form of a warning, that Roger avoid carrying out new assessments without having any proof of the fact. Despite this, the professional will not enter the “refrigerator”, being scheduled for the confrontation between Grêmio and Flamengo, for the Copa do Brasil.

At a press conference, Marcos Braz assessed Roger Flores’ posture on Globo’s broadcast. Thus, Flamengo’s vice president of football made it clear that the board has no problems with Pedro. If there is any friction behind the scenes, the posture will be discreet, avoiding an unnecessary repercussion of the fact.

“I would never put myself and propose to be in a situation he induced. I wanted to give the narrative that could have a request from the board to do anything with Pedro. I want to make it clear that we don’t treat it that way. When you need to talk to the player or take any action, we don’t need intermediaries. We talk and ponder, sometimes the player doesn’t understand… We fined, we took from some games, but the central issue is for him to speak on a national network that could have a request from the board, from Landim, who is the president, or a request from me, that I’m the vice president“, he said.


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