Glory days? Final Fantasy XIV has so many players that certain servers can no longer receive new characters ⋆

For some time now (and with a “little help from Blizzard”), Final Fantasy XIV has become the main name in the world of MMORPGs. The game has broken several records and players are increasingly involved with its adventures. And interestingly, the Endwalker expansion hasn’t even debuted yet. Anyway, the success has been so great that the Square Enix started to have problems with “overloads”. This time, for example, the option to create new characters was blocked on certain servers… let’s understand this story better?

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Despite not having released its new expansion yet, Final Fantasy XIV continues to receive a massive influx of new players. And this, of course, is overloading the servers in such a way that some more “aggressive” measures had to be taken. According to the game’s producer and director, Naoki Yoshida, the development team is doing everything possible to welcome the new players and not harm everyone’s experience, but the challenge has been great. Yoshida apologized for the congested servers and said that several solutions are being applied, with the right to the arrival of new servers.

Anyway, while the big changes are not carried out, the Japanese declared that all servers in the Aether data center are full. So, for now, it will not be possible to create new characters on these servers. This action proves that the stream of players coming to the great Final Fantasy XIV is really scary. Yoshida also spoke about other actions in a “letter” addressed to the community and thanked the preference. And that’s it! It seems that Square Enix’s MMORPG is living its “glory days”. Which is an amazing thing, considering that we’re talking about a game that came to “die” in its early years.

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