Government will give discount for those who reduce energy consumption at home

The Minister of Mines and Energy, Bento Albuquerque, announced this Wednesday afternoon (25/8) that a plan drawn up in partnership with the National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel) provides discounts on the electricity bill for citizens who intend to to save energy. The reduction for business consumers had already been defined. When talking about the plan at a press conference, however, the minister did not inform indicators that will make it possible to obtain the reduction or the values ​​of the “prizes”.

In an extra edition of the Federal Official Gazette (DOU), Ordinance No. 22/2021, which establishes, according to the folder, exceptionally and temporarily, until April 30, 2022, guidelines for the presentation of Voluntary Demand Reduction offers Electric Energy (RVD) to serve the National Interconnected System (SIN).

According to the document, the measure is for the industrial sector to participate and make an important contribution to guaranteeing the security of electricity supply.

“The agents participating in the RVD offer [redução voluntária de demanda] should forward their demand reduction offers to the ONS [Operador Nacional do Sistema Elétrico] according to procedures described in the Provisional Operational Routine”, says the document published in the DOU.

According to the folder, the program is being structured and will have the definition of a minimum reduction target for granting credit and will start in September. The expectation is that the details of the program, as well as the disclosure of its rules, will be done at the beginning of next week.

Based on the ordinance, the following agents may participate in the offer of voluntary demand reduction:

I – consumers referred to in articles 15 and 16 of Law No. 9,074, of July 7, 1995, and art. 26, § 5, of Law No. 9,427, of December 26, 1996, and consumers whose energy purchase contracts follow the precepts established in art. 5 of Law No. 13.182, of November 3, 2015; and

II – aggregators, the consumer agents, traders and generators being responsible for aggregating and centralizing the loads of consumers referred to in item I.

§ 1º Partially free consumers may participate in the offer of RVD up to the limit equivalent to the free portion of their consumption.

§ 2 The participants in the RVD offer referred to in item I must have consumer units modeled on the Electric Energy Trading Chamber – CCEE.

§ 3 Consumers modeled on retail agents may participate in the provisions of this Ordinance.

§ 4 Only agents who are in compliance with the CCEE may participate in the RVD offer, according to the provisional documents referred to in art. 13.