Gracyanne Barbosa exposes a conversation with Belo and details go viral

Gracyanne Barbosa decided to answer the request of a follower who wanted to see on his cell phone, the last conversation of the fitness muse with her husband, beautiful. However, when exposing the messages, one detail ended up calling the attention of internet users and quickly went viral on the web.

At the time, fans noticed the lack of reciprocity in the famous romanticism with the singer. That’s because she even left three “I love you” from her husband, with no answers. It didn’t take long, and the subject quickly became a topic on social media.

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“Gracyanne leaving Belo in a vacuum in all the ‘I love you’ he sends”, pointed a follower. “Socorro, Gracyanne’s conversation with Belo [risos]. He’s romantic, misunderstood and she ‘comes with God’”, joked another. “I’m laughing so much at the screenshot of Gracyanne’s conversation with Belo. He’s all romantic, sweet, saying I love you in every message. And she ignoring them all”, said another Internet user.

Gracyanne Barbosa spoke about the messages

After the repercussion of the messages, Gracyanne Barbosa, who recently praised Lula’s good form on social media, responded in the comments from a gossip page from Instagram, that her way of showing love to her husband is different and he would already be used to the “vacuums” left by her.

“He’s like that all the time and every day. I have a different way of loving, all crazy, but he understands [risos]. I love you, Belo”, argued the fitness muse. Check the messages:

Gracyanne Barbosa exposes messages with Beautiful and viral detail (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

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