Grêmio x Flamengo: memes of the rout applied by Rubro-Negro against Tricolor Gaucho | Brazil’s Cup

Guild x Flamengo they faced each other on the night of last Wednesday (25), at the Arena, in Porto Alegre, for the quarterfinals of the Brazil’s Cup. Rubro-Negro was left with a player less in the first half, after Isla was sent off, but they had no difficulties in applying 4-0 to the opponent.

The Tricolor Gaucho was superior in the initial stage of the match, but failed to take advantage of the numerical advantage in the second half and still ended up thrashing, with goals scored by Bruno Viana, Michael, Rodinei and Vitinho.

The setback suffered by team led by Felipão reverberated on the web. On Twitter, for example, users were unforgiving and countless memes emerged in a short time. “Felipão confused Flamengo with Germany”, joked one netizen, referring to the fateful 7-1 applied by the Germans in the World Cup.

“I know that a large part of Grêmio fans started cheering in 2016, so I’ll explain to you, Grêmio is that right there, it’s always been a joke in competitions, it’s been vexatious eliminated several times and lost to Anapolina in a rout in Series B,” commented another.

See below the Grêmio x Flamengo memes: