Gugu: daughters accuse aunt of manipulation: ‘denied Porsche dreaming’

Marina and Sofia, daughters of Gugu Liberato, accused their aunt Aparecida Liberato of lies and manipulations about the process that involves the recognition of the stable union between the presenter and his mother, Rose Miriam.

In a video released by the Metrópoles website, they commented on the relationship with Gugu’s sister and pointed out times when she would have lied to her nieces. After publication, the defense of the presenter’s daughters told Marie Claire that the video was improperly leaked to the press.

I asked my aunt for the Porsche I always dreamed of having. She said she spoke to the prosecutor and she said I couldn’t have this car because it was luxury for a 17 year old and it was also very expensive. I found this very strange, but I found a cheaper car. I ended up buying one at half price. I wasn’t really happy.
Sofia Liberato

The presenter’s daughters asked for emancipation after not receiving information from the aunt and the responsible lawyer about the progress of the process involving the union of Gugu and Rose.

We started to distrust our aunt because we found the way she acted very strange, treating us like a child, acting and explaining things as if we were eight years old. We looked for a lawyer, but it didn’t work because my aunt managed to get her out (of the case).
Marina Liberato

The 17-year-old twins also reported that Aparecida lied on other occasions. “We were always suspicious. We knew she was lying, but we didn’t have the facts,” Sofia explained.

My aunt and the lawyers say my mom didn’t have a stable relationship with my dad, but they did, we were a family and only we know the truth. I don’t know why they don’t recognize my mom as my dad’s mate, because I do.
Sofia Liberato

fight for inheritance

Gugu Liberato died aged 60 in November 2019 after suffering a fall at his home in the United States. He left 75% of his assets, valued at R$1 billion, to his children and the rest to his nephews.

Rose Miriam went to court, claiming to have the right to Gugu’s inheritance. She claims the two were in a stable relationship, while the presenter’s family says Rose was just the mother of their children.

Last month, twins Marina and Sofia, 17, were emancipated to support their mother in the inheritance process.

They question the administration of Gugu’s assets by his aunt, Aparecida Liberato. To UOL, the lawyer for the two states that Marina and Sofia filed an independent audit of the probate accounts and want to testify directly to the judge, because they were always in favor of an agreement and were never against their mother.

João Augusto, 19, spoke out and said that the sisters are being manipulated by their mother.

It makes me sad and indignant to see the lies and the new manipulation that my sisters, two teenagers, who do not realize that people are serving their own interests, have been suffering. If they were older and more experienced, they would, without a doubt.
João Augusto Liberato