Gugu’s daughters accuse their aunt, Aparecida Liberato, of manipulation and lies: “He denied the Porsche I always dreamed of”

The controversy surrounding the heritage of Gugu Liberato won another chapter this Wednesday (25). After being emancipated, the twins Marina and Sofia Liberato made a series of accusations against their aunt, Aparecida Liberato, who now holds control of the presenter’s money. According to the young women, she was lying and trying to manipulate them, as well as denying the existence of a stable union between Gugu and Rose Miriam di Matteo.

In a video taken by Leo Dias, columnist for the newspaper Metrópoles, the sisters revealed that they never agreed with Aparecida’s position, and that they decided to hire a lawyer to express their opinion on the relationship between Gugu and Rose. “My aunt and the lawyers say that my mother didn’t have a stable relationship with my father, but they did, we were a family and the only ones who know the truth are us, I don’t know why they don’t recognize my mother as my father’s partner , because I recognize”, said Sofia. “Before they wanted to talk to me, but when I disagreed with them, they didn’t want to anymore. They said that they will never accept that my mother was my father’s partner and that we should not get involved in anything”, agreed Marina.

Gugu Marina Sofia2
Marina and Sofia Liberato made a series of criticisms of their aunt, Aparecida, who is Gugu’s inventor. (Photo: Reproduction/YouTube)

According to Marina, suspicions about Aparecida have been raised. “A long time ago, we started to distrust our aunt because we found the way she acted with us very strange, treating us like children, representing and explaining things as if we were eight years old”, she pointed out. Their first attempt to hire another lawyer didn’t work either. “We continued with our aunt, but we were always suspicious. We knew she was lying to us, but she didn’t have the facts. Today, we found out that it was true, that she was lying to us”, stated Sofia.

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Imported car and decisions without consent

Aparecida’s control over Gugu’s fortune also bothered the girls, as when Sofia wanted to buy a luxury car, but was prevented. “I went to ask for a car, I didn’t have one and I really wanted a car. I asked my aunt for the Porsche I always dreamed of having. She said that she spoke to the prosecutor, and that the prosecutor had said that I couldn’t have this car, that it was too luxurious for a 17 year old. I ended up buying a car that was half the price of what I wanted and I wasn’t happy”, she lamented. Sofia bought a Dodge Charger, whose value in the United States varies between US$ 30,200 (around R$ 157 thousand reais) to around US$ 80 thousand dollars (approximately R$ 416 thousand).

Daughter Gugu Dodge Charger
Despite not having bought a dream Porsche, Sofia Liberato, Gugu’s daughter, bought a Dodge Charger. (Photo: Reproduction)

The twins claim that Gugu’s family and lawyers also did not facilitate their access to court documents. “We asked for documents, they said they would send them, but they didn’t send them. I asked them to send me a document proving how much money we had in one of the banks in Brazil. I’ve never seen the document”, reported Marina. According to the young woman, family members even signed documents and made decisions on behalf of the sisters without them knowing: “One example was when our cousin asked for a huge amount of money and she (appeared) signed as if we had agreed. He didn’t even talk to us, we only found out from the newspaper”.

Fight with brother and discrepant differences in pensions

Now, Gugu’s heiresses are assisted by lawyer Nelson Williams, who also represents their mother. However, the twins guarantee that the decision was not influenced by Rose Miriam. “Our mother was always on our side and never pressured us to do anything. She just wants our good”, said Sofia. “My aunt says that my mother manipulated us. She’s not the one who manipulated us. It’s my aunt who tried to manipulate us”, accused Marina.

Gugu’s daughters have a falling out with their brother, João Augusto, because they believe he has been manipulated. (Photo: Reproduction)

The sisters also claim that Aparecida would have manipulated João Augusto, Gugu’s eldest son. The situation, in turn, created a disagreement between him and the youngest of the family. “She is manipulating my brother. We have proof of that. We tried to warn, but unfortunately João freaked out when I suggested the recognition of a stable union”, said Marina.

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The differences in the pension amounts given to them, their brother and their grandmother, contributed to things going even further. “We recently discovered that João earns more than us per month. This is totally unfair. We used to earn US$ 500 a month. We already thought we were earning little because it’s absurd for our grandmother to earn 163 thousand reais and we only had US$ 500”, complemented Marina.

The amount of pension received by Maria do Céu, Gugu’s mother, also surprised the communicator’s daughters. (Photo: Amauri Nehn/Btazil News)

Sofia said that she asked that her and her sister’s pensions be increased from US$ 500 to US$ 2,000, but she was also not answered by her aunt: “I asked for a raise because with 500 dollars it was no longer possible to buy food, [sair pra comer, comprar uma coisinha] and such. I asked for two thousand dollars, which is still not enough, and she said it was absurd… But it doesn’t even come close to what we have, what she takes out per month from our accounts. She decided it wouldn’t work”. According to Marina, Aparecida wanted to give it an even lower value. “My aunt only wanted to give us 150 dollars, so you can go to the beach, pay for gas and go hungry on the road”, he joked. According to them, the value increased to US$ 1,000.

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“Humiliation” in a meeting with lawyers

During the video, Gugu’s daughters also told an episode in which they met with the father’s representatives and relatives, to share what their mother’s wish was. At the time, they said that Rose would even give up her inheritance if she had her stable union proven. “I said that the most important thing for my mother was the stable union and not the money and that’s why she will give up what she has money, which I think is 50% [da herança], began Marina.

Sofia and Marina said that Gugu’s sister, Aparecida Liberato, had lied several times and even embarrassed them in a meeting. (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

However, the response from the lawyers and the aunt would have been aggressive and mocking. “They started saying they wouldn’t recognize her because she didn’t have a stable relationship. She does. It fulfills the three requirements, purpose of starting a family, lasting relationship and public relationship. They got super mad and started laughing in my face. They were angry and nervous with me. They said they weren’t going to argue with a child… What lawyers are these?”, she completed.

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“They said she was just a surrogate. That’s not true… My aunt said we were infants and desperate. Too many negative adjectives”, mentioned Sofia. Marina already said that she left the meeting crying, after the way she was treated. “I felt really humiliated. I felt like crap. I started crying”, she reported.

Hours after the recording was circulated, Nelson Williams, the teenagers’ lawyer, revealed that the filming was not an interview and that the video was “improperly leaked“. “They didn’t give an interview to any media outlet and they won’t. The recording was made directly to the Court and is part of the Inventory process, which is processed in secret by the Court. Therefore, the video was improperly leaked to the press and the facts will be investigated in the appropriate sphere“, he told UOL.