Gugu’s daughters allege manipulation by their aunt in fight over inheritance – Famous

The twins Marina and Sofia Liberato, daughters of Gugu (photo: Reproduo/Instagram)

Marina and Sofia Liberato, daughters of presenter Gugu (1959/2019), spoke about some problems faced in their relationship with their aunt, Aparecida Liberato. The sisters accused her of lies and manipulation in the process that involves the recognition of a stable union between Gugu and the twins’ mother, Rose Miriam.

In gothe one published by Metropoles, the two recounted some situations involving Aparecida: “We started to distrust our aunt because we found the way she acted very strange, treating us like a child, representing and explaining things as if we were eight years old. We looked for a lawyer. Yeah, but it didn’t work out because my aunt managed to get her (off the case)”.

A particular part of the video ended up going viral on the internet. In it, one of the twins told about an episode in which she was prohibited from buying a luxury car, having to choose a ‘cheaper’ model.

I asked my aunt for the Porsche I always dreamed of having. She said she spoke to the prosecutor and she said I couldn’t have this car because it was luxury for a 17 year old and it was also very expensive. I found this very strange, but I found a cheaper car. I ended up buying one at half the price. I was not really happy.

Sofia Liberato

Gugu’s daughters in video released by Metrópoles (photo: Reproduction/Metrpoles)

After denying the Porsche, Sofia showed on her social networks the ‘possible’ car she acquired:

The two, who were emancipated, also commented on an allowance that was passed on to them. According to the heiresses, the amount that the aunt had set was 150 dollars. The sisters then suggested an increase to 2,000. The aunt, according to Marina and Sofia, found it “nonsense”.

“150 dollars is enough to go to the beach, come back, pay for gas and go hungry. (…) I asked for a raise to 2,000 dollars and she said it’s absurd. Since, it’s not even close to what she takes for ms. Not even close to what we have. She made her decision, she didn’t consult the judge,” the sisters said.

Improper leakage

In a note sent to UOL, the defense of Marina and Sofia Liberato affirmed that the press leak of the video was undue, since they “did not give an interview to any communication vehicle nor did they give money”.

“The recording was made directly to Justice and is part of the Inventory process that is proceeding in secret from justice. Therefore, the video was improperly leaked to the press and the facts will be investigated in the proper sphere,” stated Nelson Williams, who represents the young women.

Billionaire inheritance and legal fight

Gugu Liberato died in late 2019 after falling from the top of his home in the United States. 75% of its assets, valued at 1 billion reais, was left to the children. The rest was divided between the presenter’s nephews.

However, Rose Miriam, mother of the Liberato sisters, entered the court to demand her participation in the inheritance of the communicator. She claims in the process that she had a stable union with Gugu. The presenter’s family denies that Rose was just the mother of the twins.

Marina and Sofia with their mother, Rose Miriam, and Gugu (photo: Reproduo/Instagram)