Hiring Sport’s coach: Brazilians polled and the “influence” of Vojvoda and Morínigo | sport

The good performances of Argentine Juan Pablo Vojvoda, at Fortaleza, and Paraguayan Gustavo Morínigo, at Coritiba, opened the Brazilian market to Latino and directly influenced the choice of Sport by Paraguayan coach Gustavo Florentín. Announced at dawn this Thursday, the 41-year-old coach won the competition from Brazilians, including Hélio dos Anjos, Roger Machado and Dado Cavalcanti.

Gustavo Florentín, coach of The Strongest — Photo: Staff Images Conmebol

A priori, the intention of Sport’s management was to hire a Brazilian coach. This justifies the assertion of the red-black board on Monday, the day of Umberto Louzer’s resignation, that it intended to announce the replacement immediately – they wanted him to command Tuesday’s training, inclusive.

  • Sport makes official hiring of Paraguayan coach Gustavo Florentín
  • Midfielder Gustavo trains and should reinforce Sport against Chapecoense; Thyere initiates physical transition

In addition to conversations with Dado, Roger and Hélio, there were surveys and offers to Sport. Among those consulted by the club, Dorival Júnior, who has not yet resumed his career – remains away due to particular problems – and Thiago Nunes – did not show interest and even started negotiating with the club.

Gustavo Florentín, Sport's new coach

Gustavo Florentín, Sport’s new coach

Fábio Carille, who was recently dismissed from Al-Ittihad, was offered to the Lion, but the proposal presented was far beyond the established level and the possibility of the Rubro-negro.

In the meantime, the idea of ​​the directors to bet on the foreign market emerged – motivated by the work of Vojvoda and Morínigo. The first to be consulted was the Uruguayan coach Pablo Reppeto, who had been with LDU since 2017 and was fired in June of this year. The salary was above the level of Sport, which was literally drinking from the source of inspiration.

  • Sport’s new coach finds a team undergoing restructuring and has to manage integration
  • Everaldo returns to training and reinforces Sport in the game against Chapecoense

The board went in search of businessmen from Vojvoda and Morínigo. They found out that it was actually the same manager. They contacted him and asked for directions. Two technicians were suggested. One of them was Florentín. Some interviews were carried out, covering knowledge about the rubro-negro cast, including. The coach really pleased the board – even more than Reppeto.

On Wednesday night, the board closed with the coach, with a salary below the other proposals received by Leão – Brazilians, including. During the night, the official announcement came.

Florentín’s arrival in Recife is scheduled for Friday afternoon. He watches the game against Chapecoense, Saturday, at Ilha do Retiro – the team will be led by Ricardo Severo, from the sub-20 rubro-negro -, and should effectively assume the position next Monday.