Honda PCX 2022 doesn’t change and gets only new colors; part price of R$ 13,510 – 08/26/2021

The best-selling scooter in Brazil, Honda PCX won only new colors in the 2022 model. The main novelty is the colors of the top-of-the-line versions, PCX DLX and PXC Sport, both with ABS brakes. The DLX will now be sold in an elegant metallic silver, with dark brown graphics, seat and other details in beige; on the other hand, the PCX Sport got a matte white paint job, blue seat and graphics in blue and black.

Honda PCX Sport 2022 - Press Release - Press Release

PCX Sport 2022 gets matte white color, with blue seat: suggested price goes from R$ 14,840 to R$ 15,390

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The price of the PCX 2022 models increased by about 4%. The PCX CBS, which has a combined brake system and drum at the rear, went from R$ 13,090 to R$ 13,510 and will only be sold in pearlescent blue; the version with ABS, in metallic gray, has a disc on both wheels, but the anti-lock system only on the front wheel, rose from R$ 14,410 to R$ 14,990.

The DLX and Sport versions rose from R$ 14,840 to R$ 15,390. All prices are suggested by the manufacturer and are based on the Federal District. The values ​​disclosed also do not include expenses with freight and insurance, which means that the prices charged by concessionaires to the final consumer should be higher than those advertised.

PCX DLX 2022 - Disclosure - Disclosure

PCX DLX 2022 is sold in metallic silver color with brown seat; suggested price is BRL 15,390

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In the rest, the scooter that represented more than 60% of sales in the segment in 2020 does not bring any technical changes. The engine is the same 150cc single cylinder, with liquid cooling and Idling Stop, which produces 13.2 hp of maximum power and has a CVT gearbox.

PCX CBS 2022 - Disclosure - Disclosure

More affordable version of the scooter, PCX CBS 2022 has a combined brake system and drum at the rear; price is BRL 13,510

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Headlamp, flashlight and arrows and DRL lights are LED and the panel is fully digital. The DLX and Sport versions still bring the convenience of Smart Key (presence key).

PCX 160 is for 2023

The announcement of the PCX 2022 without changes to the engine disappointed those who were expecting the launch of the new generation of the scooter, presented in 2020 in Japan. Abroad, the PCX has already gained a bigger, 160cc, and more powerful engine: it surpassed the current 13.2 hp to 15.8 hp. Torque also increased from 1.38 kgf.m to 5,000 revolutions to 1.5 kgf.m to 6,500 rpm. Another novelty is the adoption of a traction control, to prevent the rear wheel from skidding in more abrupt accelerations and slippery floors.

Honda PCX 2022 Line - Disclosure - Disclosure

Honda PCX is the sales leader among scooters; until July, model sold 15,849 units

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The PCX 160 also brought changes in the cycling part, with the adoption of wider tires and a rim 13 at the rear – following the same philosophy as the Honda ADV. As a result, the space under the seat of the new PCX 160 has increased from 28 to 30 liters of capacity.

With sales of the current generation of 150 cc on the rise, as the PCX is also the best-selling scooter in 2021, Honda chose to postpone the launch of the most powerful model, probably to 2023. The dollar soared also weighed in the decision, according to fonts linked to the brand. All because, although the PCX is manufactured in Manaus (AM), some components are imported. In addition, the adoption of new technologies, such as traction control, would raise the scooter’s final price in the Brazilian market.