Horoscope of the Day: Forecasts for August 25, 2021 | Horoscope

Mandalas are an inseparable part of the horoscope of the day as they are like a representation of the birth chart.
Marcelo Dallas

Mandalas are an inseparable part of the horoscope of the day as they are like a representation of the birth chart.


The Moon follows in your sign and combines forces with Saturn: count with determination, invest in activities linked with a lot of movement, those that you can do independently. Let go of power struggles, invest in warmth, kindness and maturity. Attention to intolerance and aggressiveness. Avoid unnecessary competition, the ideal is to cultivate a more relaxed and independent posture. Mars and Uranus favor innovative activities, however, freedom and responsibility go hand in hand.


It’s worth taking care of the look and the ability to seduce. Venus follows in Libra, favoring aesthetic refinement. Take the opportunity to align interests and show your best. However, be careful not to make commitments beyond what you can handle. Take time for yourself too, to allow yourself to be pampered and pampered, to take care of your self-esteem and your well-being. The Moon challenges Venus in the morning, better to avoid charges. It is also worth investing in more independent initiatives.


Everything can be resolved more quickly, without beating around the bush. The Moon follows in Aries, indicating gas and claw. Count more confidence and courage and enthusiasm to invest in social contacts, in your ideas and in your endeavors. It’s time to look ahead and take action, clarify and forward situations. Also good period for artistic expression and dissemination in general. However, beware of hasty decisions. Mercury confronts Neptune, it’s good to do better research to avoid confusion.


The Moon continues in the fast-paced Aries, activities that can be carried out with autonomy gain preference. But pay attention in the morning: Moon and Venus ask for care with needs and demands. Use and abuse diplomacy, kindness and good humor. The period can also be productive for organizations. Good for studies, objective initiatives and practical goals. Thankfully, Venus and Saturn follow in harmony, favoring a more mature posture in relationships and finances. Take the opportunity to express yourself with beauty.


With Moon in Aries it is worth programming something that brings the feeling of autonomy, independence and novelty. Take the opportunity to put yourself in motion with physical activities, so you can discharge and transmute energies. Complete tasks, but always tactfully and diplomatically. Be careful not to exaggerate criticism, to avoid conflicts. Understanding can be promoted with loving, sensitive, and understanding words. It’s also worth setting aside moments to be alone and promote planning.


The pace becomes faster: the Moon follows the impulsive Aries, while Mars combines forces with Uranus. It’s worth programming something unusual today, something that brings the feeling of autonomy, independence and novelty. How to get to know a different place, for example. Count on more determination, confidence and willingness to take on new initiatives. However, be careful not to accelerate too much. Mercury confronts Neptune, asking for more attention to avoid mistakes and confusion. It’s good to do everything calmly.


The Moon is still in Aries and Venus is in your sign: it is worth doing everything with more passion, cultivating your creative gifts, acting with your heart. Activities related to aesthetics, fashion, decoration, design, art and beauty are highlighted. You go through the submissions stage, ideal for activating your imagination and inspiration. However, be careful not to exaggerate the lack of demonstrations. It’s time to understand more about self-love too, about how important it is to cultivate it to improve the world and relationships.


With the Moon in Aries and the Sun in Virgo, you have a good time to take care of your health and start a program of physical activities. Take the opportunity to cultivate dedication, that feeling of accomplishments, that you gave your best and did everything in the best way possible. So be at peace with your conscience. Energy, grit, courage and power of initiative are highlighted. It’s good to remember: self-confidence must come with kindness. Let go of disputes, invest in personal power for transformations in yourself.


With the Moon in Aries, that’s the way forward. Those who stay put are lost, there is a lot of energy available to talk to whoever it takes, to publicize the work, to learn something new. The need for movement, openness and growth encourages you to take the momentum to advance and conquer space. But be careful not to overdo the rush and individualism. The tip is to use the word gently and conscientiously, to deepen relationships and conquer. Evaluate, ponder, investigate, talk to people.


The period asks for freedom, movement and space. The Moon follows in Aries, while Mars aligns with Uranus. Good for expanding your network of contacts, circulating, learning something new or aligning interests. But it’s good to remember: don’t forget about responsibility, prudence, commitment and maturity. For success and expansion, there must be more commitment, realism and practicality. Venus also aligns with Saturn, favoring a more aware and responsible posture. Both in love and in finance.


It’s worth programming something that brings the feeling of novelty, trying new spices and flavors. Mars combines with Uranus: it’s good to cultivate flexibility, open up to surprises and last-minute invitations. It is likely that you will have to change your plans, redo your schedule, or look for other solutions. But always for the better! With the Moon in Aries, it’s more right to be spontaneous and true. Take the opportunity to advance tasks and forward pending issues. Prefer to act with freedom, independence and autonomy, without depending on anyone.


Dynamic period, new experiences are on the agenda. Mars and Uranus combine, indicating a dynamic period. But be careful not to exaggerate individualism. Partnerships remain in evidence. The planetary force in the opposite sign is great, asking for greater care with relationships. Take the opportunity to align interests, talk to people. Better research is important, as Mercury confronts Neptune, indicating a risk of deception, distraction, or confusion. Without haste, you can clarify many issues and improve projects.