Husband reveals that Andressa Urach is pregnant with a boy: ‘I didn’t give up’

Andressa Urach is going to be the mother of a boy again. Two months pregnant, former deputy Miss Butt discovered the sex of the baby through a result of a test that came out this Wednesday. The announcement was made by her husband, Thiago Lopes, on social networks.

“The result of the sexing test came out. I didn’t fail. He’s going to be born a boy. We accept name suggestions,” he wrote, referring to the controversial phrase said by President Jair Bolsonaro, about having had four boys and only one woman.

Now a missionary, Andressa, 33, is already the mother of 16-year-old Arthur. She and businessman Thiago got married in December of last year.

By announcing her pregnancy at the beginning of the month, Andressa revealed what she had come to think of in vitro fertilization.

“I’m very happy. This baby was really wanted. Since we got married, we’ve wanted this little baby a lot. We’ve been trying for a few months. Last month we got to see the doctor. We thought about doing in vitro fertilization. , but, in addition to being very expensive, I saw that the side effects of the drugs were very aggressive. So, we thought about it and decided to try a little more. We would try for at least a year in a natural way, just to then resorting to medicine, then it happened”, she says, revealing how she discovered pregnancy:

“It was a surprise now this month. Every month I was taking care of the table, then the period was delayed, I was thinking I was pregnant. And I suffered a lot for not being pregnant. This time I left it, I didn’t do the table. days now, I started to feel very nauseous. I went to eat a gizzard and felt sick and vomited. I found it strange, I went to calculate my period and saw that I was very late. I went to the pharmacy, bought the test and it was positive,” she said, without still know the sex of the baby. I should be about a month old.”

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Andressa Urach with her husband, Thiago Lopes
Andressa Urach with her husband, Thiago Lopes Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Andressa Urach getting married in civil with Thiago Lopes
Andressa Urach getting married in civil with Thiago Lopes Photo: Reproduction – Instagram

Andressa Urach talks about new phase
Andressa Urach talks about a new phase Photo: Roque Rodrigues/ reproduction/ instagram