ICMS calculation base on gasoline will be increased again in SC

The government of Santa Catarina will carry out a new readjustment in the ICMS calculation base for fuels in the coming days. The so-called Weighted Average Price to the Final Consumer (PMPF) of regular gasoline should go from R$ 5.40 to R$ 5.54, according to the State Finance Department. The increase is 2.6%.

The updating of values ​​will also take place for diesel and other fuels in the transport sector, in addition to cooking gas, but without the percentages disclosed yet.

The readjustment takes place less than 30 days after the last increase, at the end of July. According to the folder, the government will update the value more frequently and will monitor the fluctuation of fuel prices at the pump, instead of damming the rise as has been done so far.

The damming took place in June and July, when the Treasury decided not to follow the price survey at the service stations and failed to consider the impact of the readjustments promoted by Petrobras over the period. At the time, the head of the folder, Paulo Eli, said that the freeze served to prevent gasoline from reaching R$ 6 for consumers while the folder waited for the price to drop at the refineries.

The fall did not occur and the repressed difference of 7% was passed on. The Secretariat’s reading is that the 7% increase caused “a lot of commotion” in Santa Catarina society. Furthermore, it was used by opponents in order to attack the Executive. The state government even wrote a note clarifying that the rate remained the same.

In addition to avoiding more robust readjustments, the constant updating of the PMPF also prevents the creation of a millionaire tax asset with the posts. According to Eli, with the damming of the amounts practiced until then, the gas stations in Santa Catarina owe almost R$ 500 million to the state coffers.

This is because the reseller of the products pays 25% ICMS on PMPF in advance, when purchasing the fuel from the refineries. But after the sale, you need to recalculate the tax based on the price that was actually sold to the consumer. In this case, with the PMPF below market values, the posts need to complete the State tax on the excess part. The State Treasury is already studying a way to facilitate this process.

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