investing 500 reais in 5 critpocurrencies will open on the 30th; know more

Forget Bitcoin: according to a famous market analyst, the biggest valuations of the coming months are in unknown currencies that will be revealed on the 30/08 at 7pm in a free online event; see how to participate

While the Bitcoin continues to prove itself in the test of time by overcoming its biggest falls and rewarding patients, cryptocurrencies they still have a long way to go.

However, what is seen by some as a disadvantage, for others it is the opportunity to change their lives by investing little money.

Let me explain: after so much hype about Bitcoin, investing 500 reais in it probably won’t make you rich. That’s because Bitcoin is already considered a giant currency, and for you to obtain expressive returns on a low investment, you would need an extreme appreciation in its price, which is already quoted at around 300 thousand reais.

For the prices of such a large asset to move aggressively like this would require an absurd flow of money, which is very unlikely to happen in the short term.

The biggest valuations are in the still unknown cryptocurrencies

Before the currency advocates go down for the kill: no, I’m not saying Bitcoin can’t appreciate in value over time.

All I’m saying is, if you’re looking for significant valuations, ones that can literally change your financial life, maybe you’re looking in the wrong place.

The answer to their desires may lie in cryptocurrencies that are still unknown by the market, according to a famous analyst of this asset class.


Yes, the proposal is to invest in unknown cryptocurrencies. This is what André Franco, responsible for the intelligence and analysis of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain at Empiricus and elected by Coin Telegraph as one of the 50 most influential analysts in Brazil, calls Microcoins.

They are extremely small cryptocurrencies and off the market’s radar, just as Bitcoin was a few years ago.

The most practical example of this is that an investment of just R$10 in Bitcoin a few years ago could have made you a millionaire.

In hindsight it was inevitable, as billionaire Elon Musk said on his Twitter account recently.

History doesn’t repeat itself, but it rhymes. And this has been happening all the time with unknown microcoins. Expressive valuations capable of transforming ordinary investors into millionaires happen very often in this type of asset.

8 thousand reais would make you a millionaire in 7 months if you had followed the last indication of this analyst

This was the case of the Axie Infinity coin, indicated by André Franco to its more than 18,000 subscribers a few months ago, when it still cost around US$0.50.

Today the currency is quoted at over 70 dollars and provided those who followed the analyst’s advice no less than a rise of +12.473%.

Period from 01/16/2021 to 08/15/2021 - Source: Tradingview

Here, an investment of 8 thousand reais could have made you a millionaire in a short time.

I apologize for showing you this like this. It’s even sad. But the good news is that today you will have the chance to redeem yourself for all the opportunities you missed in this market with Bitcoin, Ethereum, AXS and others.

A new chance to get 1 million reais investing little money is happening now

It was inspired by the performance of his recent nomination that André Franco decided to create an event with a single objective: give the chance to form a new crop of millionaires in the cryptocurrency market.

André says that he received several messages from subscribers claiming that they became millionaires with their latest referrals.

“There is nothing that makes me more satisfied with my work than seeing that I was able to help ordinary people to change their lives, having the chance to provide a more prosperous future for themselves and their families through cryptocurrencies”, says the analyst .

And, without a doubt, the cryptocurrency market holds these kinds of opportunities. See in the table below some of the biggest valuations that happened exactly in unknown currencies only in this year of 2021.

Period: 01/01/2021 to 08/01/2021 |  Source: Coinmarketcap

Because he lives immersed in cryptocurrencies, André and his team have had the chance to mine several microcoins in the market over the past few years.

He says that this was a hobby for a long time, but when he realized the potential of what he had in hand, he decided to prepare himself to take it into his profession.

“I mined unfamiliar coins for a long time. Some worked very well, others not so well. But I became a millionaire investing little money in similar currencies. It’s an absurd.”

For a long time, the analyst waited for the perfect moment in the market to go public with a list that really gives new investors the chance to become millionaires with little investment, but it was not an easy task.


“Sometimes I had a perfect list of currencies, but the market timing was horrible. Or the timing was good, but I didn’t have such a good list with such solid projects. I waited until the perfect moment when I had this combination of factors fully aligned. Finally that time has come.”

5 Coins to Fetch 1 Million – The vault will open on the 30th

 Source: Disclosure / Empiricus

Now, in a hot market and an imminent bull market, André believes that the race for the next Bitcoin has a chance to turn a small investment in unknown currencies into real fortunes.

“This is simply the biggest chance I’ve ever seen. I needed to get this project out on the street as soon as possible to give more people a chance to be a part of it.”

Therefore, the analyst’s personal list of cryptocurrencies has a date and time to be revealed to the public interested in seeking expressive gains with cryptocurrencies: on August 30th at 7:00 pm in a completely free online event (sign up here).

And one of the things that most caught my attention in all this was the location chosen for the event: the former safe of Banespa, the Bank of the State of São Paulo, where in the past millions of reais in cash, gold and diamonds were kept.

Banespa's former safe - Source: Disclosure/Empiricus

Today, the old safe is deactivated and has given way to a lounge that houses the lovers of good drinks in the São Paulo night, but it will serve as the perfect stage for the revelation of André Franco’s 5 Coins to Search 1 Million.

More than 60,000 people have signed up for free to participate in the event that can change lives

As expected, in a short time the event has already brought together more than 60,000 people interested in accessing the microcoin list and this number should grow even more with the arrival of the scheduled date.

But if you haven’t signed up to participate in this great event, I’ve prepared a summary to show you how everything will work on the night of the 30th.


How will it work

There are 5 totally unknown coins mined by the analyst and his team of experts in cryptocurrencies. They will be announced in a free online event that will take place on August 30th at 7pm.

The analyst’s recommendation is that people who participate in the challenge invest only BRL 500 in each of the five currencies to have the chance to make BRL 1 million, but each one can invest as much as they feel comfortable according to their equity. folks.

Remembering that, like any other investment, operations with cryptocurrencies also involve risks, despite being previously studied and calculated by the team.

Therefore, caution is recommended. This is the type of investment for a small exposure to your equity.

As we’ve seen before, in this environment, even a little money can make all the difference in a few months or years.

To participate, just click here, reserve your place and confirm your email to receive the access link for the big day.

If you don’t invest in cryptocurrencies yet, this could be the perfect chance to get started

Anyone interested in seeking exponential gains through investments in even small cryptocurrencies, the so-called microcoins, will be welcome at the event on the 30th.

In an exclusive conversation, André told us that he prepared everything so that even those who have never even invested in Bitcoin have the chance to participate and start investing in this environment in a safe way.

“I prepared everything in the most democratic way possible. If the person does not invest in this market yet, he will have the chance to learn in a few minutes with material I prepared. I want everyone to have access to the 5 Coins for 1 Million.”

So, the message is given. On the 30th, at 7 pm, you will be able to join the more than 50,000 people registered for the event to get to know up close the personal list of microcoins with the potential to reach one million reais from the largest cryptocurrency analyst in Brazil.

To register for the event for free, just click here.


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