Israel and Rodolfo get involved in a lawsuit against Globo and the duo makes a statement after the controversy


Israel, from the duo Israel and Rodolff, opened the game and brought the truth after an alleged legal dispute against the Globe be reported by a journalist

THE sertaneja duo Israel and Rodolffo it’s in peak of your career and boast great successes this year after Rodolffo’s participation in the BBB 21, which earned its presence in the top 5 of the most influential sertanejos of the year in a survey carried out by Country Movement. Now, the duo that released an impeccable clip with the ex BBB Sarah Andrade saw his name get involved in a controversy with the Globe and the office AudioMix and he seems not to have liked the subject very much.

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It all started when the columnist Lo Bianco published an article stating that Israel and Rodolffo would be suing Globo and AudioMix. According to the journalist, the pair filed a lawsuit in court for the exhibition of documents, as they had signed a rights transfer contract that gave AudioMix exclusivity in the sound and audiovisual interpretations of their projects. The company, in turn, ceded the rights of the duo’s interpretations to Som Livre.

Thus, Israel and Rodolffo would supposedly be receiving the profits with rebates (discounts) without previous justifications from Globo and for this reason they would have asked Justia for an accounting of Globo and AudioMix, claiming that they would have Acting as a mother and hiding the financial information of your projects.Lo Bianco also claims that both companies refused to present the supporting documents to Justia, but it was decreed that Globo and AudioMix must present, within 30 days, the confidentiality agreement.

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After the news was released by the columnist, several fans and media outlets began to share and comment on the subject, which generated a lot of controversy. In a post on Instagram, a country page gave the news on Tuesday night (24) and none other than Israel, Rodolffo’s duo present in the process, made a point of commenting on the matter.

As the sertanejo explained briefly, the journalist would have distorted the information and it would not have been exactly what would have happened, but he did not give great details of the process, which, of course, will be resolved in the proper proportions in court. After the repercussion of the post, the page deleted the related publication Israel and Rodolfo. The duo has not yet officially spoken, but the Country Movement He hopes the situation will resolve itself as quickly as possible.

Israel and Rodolfo are among the most influential sertanejos of the year

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Did you know that, if we consider the duo’s exposure to TV programs (which were not few), the number of streamings on digital platforms, radio reproductions and growth on social networks, Israel and Rodolffo broke barriers and became the most influential country duo from Brazil today? In the general ranking made by Country Movement, they are in 5th place.

Israel and Rodolffo were present in the main Brazilian TV programs, such as Caldeiro do Huck, Fantstico, Encontro com Ftima Bernardes, The Noite with Danilo Gentili and much, much more. This gave a visibility beyond important to the duo and their talent was finally heard by the public all over Brazil. Israel and Rodolffo occupied the top of Spotify for months with “Cherry Lipstick” and is wrong that this was their only hit.

In addition to the hit, we saw “Faz Amor Comigo S Hoje” and “S de Sacanagem” bombing on the platforms. Oh, let’s not forget “Better than Lots of People”, the duo’s most recent song, which had Sarah Andrade as the major protagonist of the clip and drove fans crazy. On Twitter, a legion of fans move the name of the sertaneja duo and constantly take Israel and Rodolffo to trending topics, including at this moment with their participation in Criana Esperana! (If I may, a big hug for Twitter fans).

All these qualities of the sertaneja duo make her, today, figure among the greatest sertanejo artists in Brazil. Social networks, TV programs, success on audio and video platforms and much more take Israel and Rodolffo to a unique position considering that they have been in great exposure for less than 1 year to the Brazilian public and, for sure, they will go up a lot more. See top 5:

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