“It will end up making a stool bitter”; rubro-negro journalist asks Renato to stop Flamengo’s titleholder

Flamengo had a great second time against Guild, thrashed by 4-0 and led the classification to the semifinal of the Copa do Brasil. There were two different times, with the first stage a little worrying, especially in the offensive sector. The curious thing is that Isla was sent off at the end of the first 45 minutes and, even so, Rubro-Negro improved.

the red-black journalist Renato Maurício Prado gave a very controversial opinion and said that the time of Diego Ribas in the starting lineup has already passed. The number 10 shirt didn’t do well against Grêmio and was replaced by Thiago Maia, who had a great second time along with Arão in midfield.

After what happened today [ontem], especially in the second half, I think Diego’s time as a Flamengo starter is over. He had a very bad first half. He took a yellow card and had to be substituted, as he could receive a second. I was being dodged all the time. Thiago Maia entered and did very well. And now there’s Andreas Pereira, who I thought would come in at the very end, but Renato Gaúcho thought it was better not to launch him in this game”, said the commentator on the program “Fim de Papo”, on the Uol Esporte portal.

RMP also recalled that Ribas is the captain, but needs to be on the bench. He also recalled that the athlete playing by supporting the steering wheel was an idea of ​​Rogério Ceni, but the medallion can no longer play in that position. Today for the sector, in addition to Thiago Maia, Renato has Andreas Pereira.

Diego is captain, but he will end up making a stool bitter. He was back in the starting lineup with that bizarre invention by Rogério Ceni of pulling back Arão and putting Diego as the first defensive midfielder. He wanted to play Pep Guardiola and at the same time win the cast, because he knew Diego was one of the leaders. He gained Diego’s confidence, although he didn’t win the sympathy of the entire group. Diego can no longer play behind the wheel. There’s no longer a leg for that, or a twirl for a marker”, opined.

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