Ivete Sangalo and Taís Araujo take advantage of WhatsApp privacy to exchange hunches from The Masked Singer Brazil | Whatsapp

The Masked Singer Brasil is full of mysteries, right? Everyone is wanting to find out who the celebrities hiding behind their costumes are. But, there is no way, this is a very well kept secret!

There are plenty of hunches, and even Veveta and Taís Araujo have been risking some in this week’s edition of the program. The two whispered something to each other and the conversation almost leaked, but they managed to disguise it and, to guarantee the privacy of the conversation, they decided to prolong the conversation through WhatsApp.

After all, in the app, only those who are chatting know what is being said. Using WhatsApp is making sure that no one else will read your conversations, view your photos or videos or even listen to your audios.

All this privacy is possible because the app uses the end-to-end encryption feature, which protects the messages exchanged and brings more security to those who send audios, photos or videos through the app.

This functionality ensures that everything that is said on WhatsApp is only read or heard by you and the person you are communicating with. Not even WhatsApp has access to them.

And you don’t have to worry about enabling end-to-end encryption in settings. This tool is automatic, it is present in all conversations you have on WhatsApp. Just use the app and your messages are already protected and your privacy is guaranteed.

This makes it much easier to guess about the masked people from The Masked Singer Brasil without fear that someone will find out what is being talked about. Privacy is everything, isn’t it? Speak through WhatsApp!