Juju Salimeni opens the game and reveals if she had facelifts

Model Juju Salimeni spoke with fans and revealed if she had plastic surgery on her face

The model Juju Salimeni (34) recently took some free time and answered some new questions that were posted by his fans on social media.

This Wednesday, 25, the fitness muse used Instagram to deny that she had made changes to her face, and also denied accusations of resorting to plastic surgery on that part of her body.

It all started when a follower of the famous asked her to list the procedures on her face for having changed a lot. “I can’t understand what such a big change is that some people see. The only thing I did on my face was botox, padding on my cheek and dark circles (which, by the way, is gone because it doesn’t last for much). The only change was in my hair. ! I was blonde and now I’m a brunette with bangs! People can’t even identify what has changed!”, shot.

Juju also made a point of saying that he is happier with his look today than with the one he used in the past. “On top of that, the face changes over the years. The physiognomy of a girl becomes a woman! And I think I’m a thousand times more beautiful today than 10 years ago!”, opined the artist.

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