Juliette deletes profile pictures and fans look forward to EP

In the early hours of yesterday to today, Juliette Freire switched her social media profile photos to a pastel shade of orange, and fans saw this as a sign that the BBB winner’s EP will be out soon.

The excitement was so great that “Juliette is coming” (in Portuguese, “Juliette comes there”) reached the list of the most talked about subjects of the moment in Brazil.

Speculation about the new era of the BBB 21 winner is intense. In addition to the photo, fans are trying to unravel what Juliette’s phrase in the social media description means: “Whoever asks for me… Tell me I’m around.”

For some, it hasn’t come to pass that she’s going to become a professional singer yet!

The EP hasn’t even been released yet and there are already people nostalgic for the time of BBB:

Recently, Juliette made her debut as a singer singing the classic “Anunciação” with Wesley Safadão during this year’s edition of “Criança Esperança”.