Kelly Key flees the mall when she sees a gunman surrender security

The singer Kelly Key, 38, appeared terrified on her social networks to alert her followers that they might be on the Barra Shopping, in Rio de Janeiro. The singer said that she witnessed an armed man surrendering one of the security guards at the place when he was walking with his family in the commercial establishment on Wednesday night (25).

“Attention, guys, if you are at Barra Shopping. We just ran away. The boy surrendered the bouncer with a gun to his head. I couldn’t believe what I saw, everyone started running. We came running to the car. Just so you guys can be careful. I’ve never witnessed such a thing in my life, I’m in shock, terrified, in panic. But everything is fine with our family.”, said the singer on her Instagram Stories.

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“Stay tuned, if you are at Barra Shopping, get out of there”, concluded the artist. Barra Shopping is located on Avenida das Américas, in Barra da Tijuca, on the west side of Rio de Janeiro.

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Kelly Key inspired music written by Latino

Success in the early 2000s, the hit “I do not care” is actually a song about a foot in the ass. In a recent interview, Latin, responsible for the composition of the song along with Luka, said that the song was made after he was thrown out of Kelly Key. At the time, the star was very bad with the situation.

“Tô Nem Aí”, by Luka, was one of the biggest hits of the early 2000s in Brazil (Photo: Disclosure)

“The song is my authorship together with Luka. I was suffering a lot for Kelly Key at the time. I had dedicated myself one hundred percent to that relationship and I took a bad ass ‘, said the musician during his participation in the podcast “talking parrot“, with Sergio Mallandro and Luiz France.

“I was very sick in my head, a little disoriented, it seemed that the world was falling apart, taking a black stripe”, he revealed. “Then I went to a bar, Cristóvão introduced me to Luka, who was there performing, and I said: ‘Man, the woman has a Shakira tone, amazing, let’s try to develop something with her’”, he added.

“The next day, I went to the studio where she was, and we made the song that broke and it was successful in 14 countries“he concluded. In fact, “I do not care” was a real success. Part of the soundtrack of “Workout“in 2003”, the song was also responsible for making the career of Luka to burst.

Time passed and, although the song is still well remembered, Luka didn’t have as many hits after her and the relationship of Latin with the Kelly Key it was never the same either. “I haven’t talked to her (Kelly) for a long time,” said Latino. However, the singer has a good relationship with Suzana Freitas, daughter of the couple, now 20 years old.