Kelly Key witnesses armed attack on security at a mall in Rio

The singer Kelly Key witnessed an attempted robbery on Wednesday night (25) during a walk at Barra Shopping, in Rio de Janeiro. In her Instagram stories, she reports that she saw a person surrendering a security guard putting a gun to her head.

In a video recorded in her car, but still quite scared, the singer said that she and other people ran from the scene, in panic, to escape the situation.

โ€œIf you are at Barra Shopping, we just ran away. A boy surrendered a security guard with a gun to his head. I couldn’t even believe what I saw. Everyone started running, we ran to the car. Just so you guys can be careful. I had never witnessed such a thing in my life. I’m in shock, terrified, in panic, but our family is fine. But stay tuned if you are at Barra Shopping, please leave thereโ€, said the singer.

Later, the singer made new videos, already from home, saying that she was calmer and that she made the video because she was really scared and that she could help people who were still at the mall.

โ€œIt’s already okay. I’m at home, calmer. I made the past stories as an alert because there could be people inside the mall that I could alert in some way and even had, I received messages from you, people who were at the mall at the same time, who went through the same with me,” said the singer .

โ€œIt was me, my husband, my 16 year old middle son. (โ€ฆ) We were taking a random walk, we were just walking around, waiting for time to pass and we were going to have dinner at a restaurant in the mall. In this we saw some people running and a little further ahead we saw them, as if we had arrived behind the situation. We clearly saw a person with his back dominating the security guard and pulling a gun and putting it on his head… I was walking in the mall, I don’t know what happened, I saw a security guard being immobilized with a gun to his head, people running, it seemed like there were other people in this group, but I couldn’t identify anything, I just ran,โ€ explained Kelly Key.

On social networks, several people reported an attempted robbery in a cell phone store in Barra Shopping.

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