Kerline criticizes Bil Araújo’s attitudes after staying: “Immaturity”

The ex-BBB Kerline participated in the podcast Lavando aClothes with ex-Fazenda Lucas Selfie and took the opportunity to remember a quick affair she had with Bil Araújo after the global reality show, which ended up causing a gap between them.

“Me and Bil, we stayed out here. Then I said: “Man, let’s leave this off, because if they know, it will be a wreck for both you and me. And I insist that you keep your ship with Ju (Juliette)…” (…) I didn’t want to get involved in any ships,” explained Kerline.

However, during a live, Raisa Barbosa insinuated that Kerline had hooked up with a biscuit and internet users soon associated with Acrebiano. The model didn’t like the joke at all and stopped talking to Kerline.


“I made a point of saying on Twitter that I hadn’t hooked up with him. And I woke up with messages [do Bil] on my WhatsApp complaining. I thought he was a dick yes. Blocked me, stopped following, a lot of childishness, immaturity. I did not do nothing. On the contrary, I always had respect for him. And him sending me these messages as if I did it on purpose. What was I going to win? Just a headache”, said the first eliminated from BBB21.

“I was really sad when I saw the comments he made on the gossip profile. We don’t talk, not at all. If we met, we would get in his face and send a lot of reais”, he added.