Kerline Detonates Bil After Stay Leak After BBB 21: ‘Scrotum’

First eliminated from “BBB 21”, Kerline Cardoso, 29, had a relationship with fellow former participant Arcrebiano Araújo, Bil, outside Rede Globo’s reality show, and the leak in the stay generated friction between them. Without mincing words, the influencer classified the model’s behavior as ‘immature and scrotum’ after the story became public.

In an interview with the channel “Selfie Service”, the influencer said that she had a brief affair with the former participant of her edition of “Big Brother Brasil”, but chose not to take the novel further and even asked for the matter to be off. due to the name Bil being involved in a ‘shipper’ (relationship created on the internet) with Juliette Freire.

Yeah, Bil and I stayed out here. Then I said: ‘look, let’s leave this off and such, because if they know it will be a wreck for you and me. I insist that you keep your shipper with Juliette and I have nothing to do with it.’ I didn’t want to get involved in a shipper. If you get into a deal, you get canceled and that was everything I didn’t want, for anyone to know.

However, the story came to light precisely due to an attitude of Kerline during a live with model Raissa Barbosa. In a joke about who “takes it, thinks it or passes it”, the influencer did not let the former “The Farm 12” finish a word and the mention of half the term led followers to understand that there was a relationship with Bil.

But then what happened, I don’t know how they found out and I was the most interested in not finding out. I was doing a “PPP” (pick, think or step) with Raissa [Barbosa] in a stories. At her PPP, one of the people was Bil and I said: ‘I’ll pass, Bil is brother’. Why? Because I wasn’t going to keep talking and I had already agreed with him that […] Then, we opened a live and Raissa said, after asking if I was with someone after the big: ‘Ker got an encore’. Like, she was going to say a cookie just in a joke. When she said ‘enjoy’, I nudged her so hard that she didn’t finish the cookie. Then everyone stayed Bil, Bil, Bil. I tweeted ‘Guys I didn’t stay’ to drown it out. It had already passed and had nothing to do with it.

Soon after the live, the name of Kerline and Arcrebiano started to dominate social networks with rumors of romance. Annoyed with the repercussions, Bil even sought out the influencer to get satisfaction and, according to her, he was a dick in the way he handled the situation.

I woke up with messages [do Bil] on my WhatsApp complaining: ‘Wow, Ker, dirty’. I made a point of saying on my Twitter that we didn’t stay and went on several gossip profiles […] I thought he was a dick, yeah. Blocked me, stopped following, a lot of childishness, immaturity. I did not do nothing. On the contrary, I always had respect for him, I always had him as a friend. And him sending me these messages as if I did it on purpose. What was I going to get what? Just a headache. Nor is it part of my character and values ​​as a person.

The first eliminated from “Big Brother Brasil 21” confessed that she was hurt by the model’s attitudes and declared that today they don’t talk to each other anymore.

I was really sad when I saw the comments he made on the gossip profile. Why comment? I just didn’t want to get in the middle of something I knew would go wrong. We don’t talk, not at all. If we met, we would get in his face and send a lot of reals.