Lamborghini of the ‘King of Bitcoin’ becomes a Federal Police car

The Lamborghini that belonged to the “King of Bitcoin”, as businessman Cláudio José de Oliveira became known, arrested for embezzlement and financial crimes, will be transformed into a Federal Police (PF) vehicle. The super sports car was seized in July during Operation Daemon, which investigated possible fraud involving the Bitcoin Banco Group.

The car, a Gallardo LP 560-4 model, has a 10-cylinder engine and 560 hp of power, reaching 100 km/h in just 3.7 seconds. It has already been styled with the institution’s colors and badge, as shown in the photos released by the Federal Police of Paraná.

The new PF vehicle can reach 325 km/h.The new PF vehicle can reach 325 km/h.Source: Instagram/PFParaná

Even with all this performance, the vehicle will not be part of routine police actions, performed with conventional models. The Lamborghini vehicle will only appear in exhibitions, events and educational actions to repress organized crime.

The car has already been customized by the institution.The car has already been customized by the institution.Source: Instagram/PFParaná

Also according to the PF, the luxury sports car was provisionally transferred, and later returned to the Judiciary for an auction. The money raised from the sale of the car, valued at R$800,000, will go to people harmed by the actions of the criminal group being investigated.

billionaire fraud

According to the complaint by the Federal Public Ministry (MPF), Oliveira is accused of committing fraud in simulations of cryptocurrency negotiations, which caused an estimated loss of R$ 1.5 billion. Investigations indicate that 7,000 people have been victims of scams applied by the defendant’s brokerages.

In 2019, the “King of Bitcoin” said his brokerages had been the target of a cyber attack, blocking investors’ values. However, the authorities suspected that the invasion was fake and began to investigate it.

Lamborghini Gallardo was just one of the luxury cars confiscated during the operation last month. Other items, such as physical cryptocurrency wallets, money cakes, jewelry and purses, were also seized in the action.