Lucas Selfie says Pyong is the protagonist of the reality show

On “Record Island”, Lucas Selfie lost the title of strategist to Pyong Lee. Third exile from the show, he acknowledged that the illusionist is the protagonist of the edition.

Participating in the Splash Show today, he said he believed Pyong’s mind “is a surreal business”.

Without a shadow of a doubt he is the protagonist of the ‘Island’, he gave the face of the game and dictated the rules, both for his guys and for the other side. He’s managing to be more of a strategist than he was on ‘BBB’. I think his mind is a surreal thing, he’s ahead and trying to read the show. I ‘pay a dick’, but it’s a weariness that I think because I went to ‘Fazenda’ a lot, I was more than good. considered

About his other foe, Antonella Avellaneda, he used a lot of irony to say that the model is “misunderstood” by the public.

Antonella is a misunderstood being, I think we should look at it with a little more affection and love.
She is a caring person, gives herself in relationships, and maybe I weighed my hand in the comments. I apologize to her if I messed up. Brazil said to look at her with welcome. I would like to see her win the public award, I think she has enough charisma for that.
he said

Still on the show, Lucas said that the best — and worst — scenes of the reality show are yet to come.

It’s just that I can’t spoil what’s going to happen, but the exile will get bigger than the village, the best scenes of the show are yet to happen. The best and the worst. […] There’s still a lot of surprise, sometimes there’s another recap, a lot to roll, you’ll see. said

exposed cameras

Unlike other realities, such as “A Fazenda” and “Big Brother Brasil”, not all cameras on “Ilha Record” are hidden.

And that, for Lucas Selfie, influenced the attitudes of the program’s participants.

“We had the camera exposed there, it wasn’t like in ‘The Farm’. You’re talking and the cameras come close to you, so you kind of know what’s yielding. Everyone there was a reality show rat,” he said .

Post “The Farm” Therapy

One of the protagonists of “A Fazenda 2020”, Lucas Selfie revealed that, after the program, he sought medical help and started undergoing therapy twice a week.

Therapy, after ‘The Farm’, did me good. [Fiz] An ‘intensive’ twice a week. joked

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