Luciano Szafir is a victim of Covid-19 sequels: “Damn virus”

Luciano Szafir talked about his post-Covid-19 recovery during the “Encounter” with Fatima Bernardes this Wednesday (25). The presenter was discharged a month ago after spending 32 days hospitalized in serious condition and revealed to be suffering from the sequelae of the disease.

(Photo: TV Globo)

it’s a damn virus. […] Thank you every day for being alive. I thought I was going to die any minute now. You fight against disease and, above all, against fear“.

Luciano Szafir was infected twice and warned: “People who have already caught it think they create antibodies and they won’t catch any more, or they will catch it and it won’t be that heavy. but it’s heavy“.

The presenter recalled cases in which people suffered severe sequelae. “There are people who lose their legs, their arms, because it causes thrombosis and also has psychological sequelae, each one is different”.

And he said that what most affected him was the memory loss.

“It’s horrible. Names, words suddenly pop out of your head. These days I forgot the name of the cell phone charger and asked for ‘that cord you plug in’, it’s terrible. But it comes back”, he said.

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But Luciano Szafir emphasizes that what helped him during the battle against the virus was his faith.

“When we go through adversity, we remember to pray, to ask God. I thought I was going to die at any moment and, today when I wake up, I thank God for being alive, recovering, beside my family. At the hospital, in addition to dealing with the fear of dying, I knew that my family was suffering, I saw their pain, so the first hug at home was unforgettable”.

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